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  1. This is interesting. have you found a solution for yourself? just curious, I might have to use it as well.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am projecting on a sphere with 3m diameter using 4 projectors on 4 sides. Can somebody share with me the earth.3ds and the uv map for it. I cannot find it on the website watchout cookbook. Apparently the old page was replaced with a new design and a list of videos where the sample files are not available anymore. It would be a great help for me having those files to start. Please share a link or you can send it to my email. edgar@slspro.net Thanks a lot, Edgar Pulido
  3. @thomasleong thank you for the detailed response. Now I have a clearer picture.
  4. Hi Mr. Leong, Meaning, there is nothing wrong with my planned setup? Im thinking of making my machine a future proof one. I read in one of the thread that the excess ram aside from 4gb that watchout can utilize is that the capture cards and other components will benefit from that. Is this correct? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, I want to build a display PC for watchout v6. I'm wandering if dual xeon cpu will work. The specs are below: INTEL XEON E5-2687 2x SUPER MICRO X10-DAi RAM DDR4 16.0GB/2133 CRUCIAL ECC 4x 64GB TOTAL SSD 512GB SAMSUNG 850 PRO-7KE512BW RAID 0 SAPPHIRE FIREPRO W8100 RGB VISION E2S 2DVI RGB VISION SDI2 Any thoughts on this? please advise. thanks in advance., Edgar Pulido
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