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  1. Audio meter similar to non-linear editing software to view current audio dB levels.
  2. Have encountered a lot of the program freezing up. Mainly on 1920 x 1080 wmv files. Went ahead and downgraded back to 6.1.6 since it seemed much more stable for us over the last several months.
  3. It was started in 6.1.6, but just basic stage setup. I went ahead and deleted the audio and video files in question and re-imported them. Layer was visible, not in standby. Never noticed the define position of audio to a specific display until you said that! Learn something everyday. Tried it first and no change though. Looks like main problem was preferences were not set correctly, swear I looked that over before I posted. Must have defaulted to a state that did not work with the fresh install. I switched it to speakers and it didn't work, then I switched it back and
  4. Just upgraded to 6.2.2, cautiously, since we have been running 6.1.6 very stable for awhile. Have an issue with audio on production computer. Placing a wav file on the timeline it does not play, and no icon shows up in the stage window to show its there, even though it should be (coordinates at 100,100) Play Audio Media is checked in preview menu. Also tried a h264 video file that has audio embedded in it. Same result, no audio. These were non-issues in 6.1.6, so wondering if its a bug.
  5. Noticed this since 6.1.5 Black drop shadows from photoshop no longer show up as black, but as white. Have tried various fixes in photoshop (changing size, blend mode to normal, opacity) nothing seems to get it to look correctly once placed in Watchtout. I had experiences it once or twice before back in version 6.0.2 with 1920 x 1080 files, but was able to fix it changing the PSD file to 1921 x 1080. No longer the case.
  6. Since updating to 6.1.4 from 6.0.2 I've noticed that I get an error "Media file not found" message on splits but they seem to play fine on display computers. I am leaving the file extension on the individual files and not on the folder. Am I doing something wrong?
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