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  1. I have a video file in 4K with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 in mp4 format. file size is about 1.3 GB of audio codec is the ACC and the H.264 video codec When I play the movie in Watchout 6 choppy playback of the video file. I have read in the forum that with the help of FFMpeg can encode iff file so that it flows properly during playback. The only question is which value is appropriate to adjust, there are so many möjligher in FFMpeg so if anyone has tips on what I should try in the first place so I would be grateful. If more information is needed to be able to answer my question so I can locate relevant information / Mathias
  2. So, for me to be able to run a project, do I always have with me a production computer and a display computer screens connected to for it to work. For there is no option for viewing your computer to locate the USB license without a production computer? That's really my only issue now. How do I display software to find usb license on their own. If it is now even possible.
  3. The only thing that works is now running computer will show the project. Read on for maualen the need to set up something called "-SiteServer" Example -SiteServer I hang but not really where I should state this. Is that in the script file is to be written into or somewhere else?
  4. Now I have a project to start when I double-click the shortcut to "WATCHPOINT.EXE" StartWO.txt that has path C: \ Users \ Profile Name \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup But then I must have production computer that has the IP number in time otherwise it will not start project provides. Must I use two computers to run the project? How do I get the computer I run the Display Software to find the license in the computer? For it can not find the license if I just have the computer that everything should be shown on running as it looks now.
  5. When I send prudoktions show from your computer to display computer with two displays that IP number and Display Software shows 1 and 2 for each screen. That's when I want the project to be started automatically on the viewing computer using the script as it becomes a problem. I then moved the presentation to the computer that manages the two screens that will show the project.
  6. I have now changed the script so that it looks here in the forum thread. Have also changed the file name to "slide" without .wach but I still get the same error message. Could it be the actual path to the project's wrong?
  7. My script looks as follows ----------------------------------------------- authenticate 1 Seen Logo String "The show will begin Shortly" delay 5000 load "test bildspel.watch" wait Run (Blank load line) ------------------------------------------------ Now I get the error message in a Command box in the windows that pop up. Error 7:00 a.m. "Command: load; Show dosen't exist: Test bildspel.watch " Error 7:00 a.m. "Command: run; No show active " Understand that it can not find the show to be played. But the question is why.
  8. Now works shortcut located in the Startup folder. However not loaded project and I get absolutely no error messages. Then it must be something in the file StartWO.txt?
  9. Do not auto start of a project in the Display Software (WATCHPOINT.EXE) I have had Windows 10 to start the "Display Software", but it will not start the project When I try to add the path to the boot file "StartWO.txt" I get the following error. "The name 'C: \ WATCHOUT 6 \ WATCHPOINT.EXE \ Slideshow \ StartWO.txt' Unspecified in the Target box is not valid. Make surethat the path and filname are correct" I've tried to put my project folder at different places in the folder structure to make it work but has not yet succeeded. My startup script looks as follows. StartWO.txt -------------------------------------------------- --- autenticate 1 Set Logo String "The show will begin Shortly" delay 5000 load "test bildspel.watch" wait Run -------------------------------------------------- ---- What have I missed? Thanks in advance / Mathias
  10. It is so that I have a film sequence in the format .mp4, and has a resolution of 3840 x 1606th When I play this on two screens via watchout so do not float on the film. The hacks. Why? Something with the codec I guess. I have an Intel Core i5 with 20GB of RAM so it should not be a problem? Grateful for help Sincerely Mathias
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    Someone who can explain how to do when you need spliting a video file that will be on two or more screens to file becomes too heavy otherwise. Has understood that we should use something called Video Proxy. But have not really understood how I get the program to know how to split the movie. How does it know what is the left and right for example. Thanks in advance / Mathias
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