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  1. Didn't think it is worth creating a new thread for but found another bug. Copying and pasting a media element, or task containing a media element which has control formula assigned from an Input with a single period in the Input Name (i.e: 'LED.SATURATION') will cause a crash. If the Input Name contains no period, or two or more periods, this issue does not occur. Thought I was chasing a corrupt show until I narrowed this down...
  2. Is the SDI output support limited to the WatchMax, or is there support for other SDI cards like BlueFish, Datapath, Blackmagic, etc.?
  3. I had a similar issue, that I eventually found the source of. Worked all day, show started, and production did nothing. Responded locally but not controlling displays. Restart production, works fine. My cause? I had a few elements that were HAP in free running loops, fairly short. If left running, after a few hours, they started to bog down production very quickly at some point. 10 second loop would lock up after a few hours. I rendered a much longer version, and found it would go days without locking up. It seems that after a certain number of iterations it would lock up. It
  4. Simplest would be to change your show from 60 to 59.94. Your output is not running at 60, likely due to EDIDs. What is your output? (Monitor, projector, LED processor, etc.)
  5. We had a similar issue when adopting wx9100 cards. What AMD driver are you using? Rolling back to 17q4 resolved the issues we were having. Played fine, then would stutter.
  6. Glad to see you got it worked out. For something like this, I would usually just run 1920x1200 outputs. One virtual for each 2x5/2x6, arranged on the stage to match their physical arrangement, then neatly stacked with 4 or 5 per raster. Depends on the LED vendor's wishes.
  7. How about being able to color code tasks in the Task Window? Similar to how mac does, would be great for quickly identifying different groups of tasks. White text on black background kind of runs together when you have 100+ tasks... Even with dummy tasks of "--------------------"! Would be great for those of us running shows from production.
  8. We feed LED walls, projectors and monitors 23.98/24. We do a lot of film and television work where we are syncing to cameras. Most TVs won't flicker but some will unless you feed them 23.98/24. Projectors and LED more so. Workflow for content delivery is often 23.98. I can sometimes work around it by doubling to 47.97/48Hz, but not everything supports that. Some will still lock to it thinking it is PAL. 24fps Content -> 24fps Watchout -> 24fps Displays -> 24fps Camera shooting it. With 23.98 content, I occasionally run into micro stuttering with smooth moving graphics.
  9. Speak not of that which you nothing about. Not every WO show is made for consumption by the human eye. Frame rates DO matter. The VAST majority of content for television is still shot 23.98p/59.94i. There is a whole world outside of staging events...
  10. Would love to see the minimum framerate in Show Preferences dropped to 23.976...
  11. Hey Mike, I know I can delete it via the Tween menu, I just love using shortcuts. It doesn't respond to the 'Delete' key like other tweens do.. The move command works, and is the next best thing if the distance is too great to nudge in a timeley fashion. I am working on jobs with 40, 60, even 100+ outputs and stage windows beyond 20k pixels square. When doing on the fly changes between takes with the client over your shoulder, every second counts. Simply two suggestions that would help me be faster. When nearly every tween has a hotkey, having to mouse up to the menu bar t
  12. Here are a few that struck me as I sit here programming: -Ability to Copy/Paste Text elements in the media window. When making More than one, I have to manually set the dimensions, Font size, Positioning, etc. every time I create a new Text item. Couldn't I just Copy/Paste Several copies and change the text of each? -Ability to delete a Selective Key Twen (Maybe others) by hitting 'delete' key as I can with other Tweens like Opacity, Rotation, etc. -If I have multiple items on the timeline selected and I want to drag them all to a new position, only the ones intersecting the curs
  13. Network video is already available as an input, but I would love to see a Network Stream Encoder available as an output display. Both Point-to-Point and Multicast. Perhaps each Stream would have a cost of one display for licensing, i.e. a WO key enabled 6 displays or 5 displays/1 encoder or 6 encoders. H.264 streaming, especially tuned for low latency, is the way of the future. The be able to tie in mobile and other wireless devices, as well as push video over networks is very useful to some of us. It seems a lot of the pieces are in place already, so with DirectShow and h264 can't b
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