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  1. I have watchmax media-servers with Wx9100 graphic it was working normally but one time during powering up the server it did not boot and it hold for attached picture and not enter the watch out interface also the LCD integrated. On the main board of the server show this number as shown in se ond Pic. Please any help urgently thanks..
  2. we have little issue with the display servers WATCHPAX which have four display output and the other which have 6 mini-display outputs the issue that: Before that When powering the display server from the rack switch the server start up directly without pressing the front start Bush button, and also we were able to Power down and power up the server from Watchout show through remote control submenu, but now the server doesn’t startup directly when powered till press the start Bush button and We can’t power up the server from watch out show but only can power down. Please advise.
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