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  1. Hi all, was curious what format a watchout server returns a MAC Address ? Not extremely adept in IT/networking but did notice when i send the getMACAddr command, the format is different then something like 6 hex number for example...something like FF:EE:33:4A:5B:6C . Just curious , Thanks for any help!
  2. Hey all, trying to do some testing for an installation project utilizing (8)Watchout Display servers.... eventually, a crestron control system will manage and trigger WO Timelines etc...targeting different display clusters. Right now, i'm trying to test by controlling a production computer from another PC via a network and telnet on the PC (i.e, Production version of WO is not on same PC as telnet commands) everything is working great, so far. One question though: There will be certain Cues that i've made that i need to jump to a new time position and play the timeline. Is ther
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