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  1. I'm using right now a Dell XPS 15 (9570) and for me it's working well, even if I've never had issue with the ethernet adapter I'm always sure to have at least twice when i'm out for work, generally different brand. The only thing, sometimes 1TB is not really enough, I've bought my XPS with 1TB and after a year I've upgraded with a 2 TB NVMe drive. During warping, battery power, generally i can work for 5-6 Hours without a lot of problem, and as RBedding said it's really usefull to make a clean install of windows as first thing, there are only one thing you should install after and i
  2. Hi, I'm searcing for a while but i don't find anything, so i'm gonna ask here. for a event where the production computer is probably in not very confort place i want to control the show with watchnet, very easy control i only need a fey play cue to control. but i need to check the time of the timeline. is that possible? to add in the watchnet panel a text element with main timeline current time? thank you.
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