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  1. HI ALL I try to sent UDP $A8$00$00$05$3A$46$31$4E$0D not think out no signal I have to use this kiss box but I can not pls help me give me a test command rs 232 kiss box to sold it thankyou for all information songyost k
  2. to RBeddig my fog machine they have no ip address how about the string output setting output port name xxxxxxxx and whicth one we have to selected ? serial port or network port and display name ? data rate 9600 parity non I donot understanding how to setting up string output pls.help us thankyou songyost k
  3. hi sir i have kiss box RS2TR : just new for us i need to control fog machine by rs232 from watchout : they have no dmx or other control only by rs232 then i want to known how to setup kiss box RS2TR follow this pic pls help me thankyou songyost k.
  4. hi i need to known WATCHPAX can external control or not, i mean use a switch for start time by time , if it can how to do it and about the scrip thank songyost k.
  5. hi Thomas Leong i am Loading to store presentation To harddisk mounted in the desktop pc [ production pc ] now still problem , how many GB. maximum for loading to watchnet they have limit or not because my job used media about 3.5 GB. for each media i have 3 media need to presentation thankyou for information and need to help songyost k.
  6. hi sir i use watchout 6.1.6 to export bandle watchnet and i have a problem with loading to storing presentation i am load about 18-25% it stop work so many time (file .wob 10.5GB) but if i load only 3.5 GB. it ok no problem how i sold this problem i am in thailand they have not dataton consultant in hear thankyou for help asap. songyost k.
  7. hi Thomas again and where i have to put script on wo production ,can you teach me for auto matic run wo production thank you songyost k
  8. hi Thomas how to set up or script to auto start wo production and run main timeline automatic Wish you good day
  9. hi all When i switch on my computor [windows 10] , my show start automaticly (windows startup) and go online (preferences setting).... I would like now to run the show from my main timeline. canbe or not and how thank you fir you songyost k.
  10. hi thomas i follow your post on 02 March 2016 i do not under stand where you install black magic intensity card i try to install on display computer can used media express program but on production watchout have not card can they can not see the card on production prefereance pl.s help me step by step to install and watchout program i have so many problem with capture card thank you so much songyost k.
  11. I have had my Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k HDMI capture cards hdmi input into the machine in Watchout, the machine not freeze but in the prefereance can see the card I have 5 Display machines, same spec, all Windows 7 64bit. i have 5.5.2Watchout pls. help me best
  12. ​i am use windows7 watchout5.5.2 licence 5,6 for equipment i have production computer and 4 display computer i try to use watchnet but cannot [watchnet v1.3.1] i try to play on panel [i make 2 bottom] 2 timeline on bottom but the screen run one by one that mean i push bottom one screen one is play then i push next bottom screen two is play but screen one is stop i see on the watchnet server it show an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host watchnet dataton how can i sold it thank you songyost k.
  13. I connected watchnet 2 display when I touch bottom1 the image1 is ok but If I touch next bottom image1 stoped and image2 is show They are reversing everytime pls help me to sold this Thankyou
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