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  1. Hello orfischer, Thank you for the detailed help, unfortunately downgrading to version 7.8.0 didn't fix the problem. It actually prevents the acquisition card to work at all, even in the preview windows tool. Your step 11 makes me wonder if we're talking about the same acquisition card, since you recommend to set the signal input to HDMI, while I'm using a four SDI inputs card?
  2. Hello there, I'm facing a strange problem with the new acquisition card VisionSC-SDI4 from Datapath. When something is pluggeg into the first input, everything works fine. I can add/remove SDI cables in/from the other tree inputs, displaying live videos on the stage or the No Signal message if nothing is plugged. But when I remove the cable from the first input, the other three freeze, stuck on the last acquired frame. The live videos resume to their normal behaviour once I plug back the cable in the first input. Note that this issue doesn't exist in the Vision's preview windows tool, o
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