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  1. Personally, I've had nightmares with .mpeg Sometimes the .mpeg media doesn't respond to the cue, never playback or even damage decoding of concurrent videos on other layers (in my case, the embedded audio of a video played-on-background stopped working) I tested the same project on different servers and got back similar results (the screen-corner-timer video just never started to play) My advice: find a good RAID option and stick to HAP Cheers
  2. SDI Capture is a must if you plan on getting a fast feed. Datapath SDI captures 1080p maximum. There is a decent SDI options compatible with any 4k mode (signle/dual/quad) http://www.magewell.com/products/pro-capture-sdi-4k-plus We have yet to test it for delay and color quality Same company has options for 4k HDMI.
  3. Hello everyone, Following days of painful research in the dark realm of live 4k capturing , I would love to start a discussion about the best capture mode for 2160p. My workflow consists of receiving a feed from a camera switcher, which is mostly either Sony or Blackmagic switcher. It would be great if people who've succeeded in doing this could share their experience, specifically on: - 4k source mode (single link 12G SDI/Dual link 6G SDI/Quad link 3G SDI), which mode is most common in your market? or perhaps what default output standard is there for a 4k camera switcher? - 4k colour depth: I read that NO commercial cameras can achieve full 4:4:4 on 2160p, yet some capture cards manufacturer choose to market it, while others get away with selling a maximum capture 2160 @60 on 4:2:0 only. What do you recommend as a minimum acceptable bit depth for a 4k signal? - What is the minimum acceptable capture delay? the least I found was 64 Video Lines, which if not mistaken translates to 0.5 milli-second. - Which Manufacturers have the highest compatibility with the watchout environment? - Is there an NDI source converter out there that can encode 2160p, and what should be the expected signal delay? The theory surrounding this topic is highly conflicting, it's really hard to separate claims from facts. So really, any insight from a successful experience is highly appreciated. From what I understood, it is not possible to send "uncompressed RGB" on links higher than 3G SDI. Existing 6G & 12G therefore use RAW signals to achieve the transmission. I am not sure what impact does this have on the final outcome and what does it mean for watchout. Thank you all in advance, Ehsan Badry
  4. Badry

    WATCHOUT 6.1.6

    I have few questions regarding the improvements on hardware accelerated video playback. Is this feature still exclusive to WATCHPAX, and what are the supported codecs ?
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