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  1. Hi Eric!

    My name is Tim Musin, I'm from INTmedia, premium parthner from Russia!

    Please, could you comment my topic (private or in topic, as you prefer) :

    It's very important to us. 


  2. Tim M

    4х4K Capture

    Hi! Here is Datapath support answer about VisionSC-HD4+: The VisionSC-HD4+ is HDMI 1.4 capable so according to this the maximum capture resolution would be 3840x2160@30 However, for Inputs 1&3 we have added support for 3840x2160@60 using reduced colour format only (Chroma subsampling YUV 420) Any other ideas about 4x4K capture cards?
  3. Tim M

    4х4K Capture

    Thank you for your answers! Thanks, I asked Datapath's support, but in any case I tend to Magewell cards. Yes, I know, thank you, David In this case, I am most worried about the simultaneous work.
  4. Hi Everyone, we have such case: 4 outputs 3840x2160 60Hz and 4 inputs 3840x2160 60Hz Hardware: X99, Intel i7 5930K, 16Gb DDR4, 2xSSD RAID0, WX7100 For capturing we want to use Datapath SC-HD4+ x2 (HDMI 1.4) or Magewell Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus x4 (HDMI 2.0) What are you thinking about simultaneous work of cards and latency time?
  5. Many, many thanks! It's works!
  6. Thank you! We have already tried to use telnet via Putty, but only TCP Port (by UDP Port was reboot) - no effect too. And no answers too.
  7. Hi everyone! I've got some troubles with control commands. We 've got Butler xt2 & commands for turning the light on and off. TCP Port 50000 UDP Port 50001 Commands are: On: \62V:1,C:11,G:9,B:1,S:1,F:500\35 Off: \62V:1,C:11,G:9,B:1,S:15,F:500\35 There are no message errors, but we' ve got no effect too. How can I change commands to make them correct in Watchout? Tried to change TPC/UDP, to add $0A & $0D - no effect. From D3 server these commands are working.
  8. Hello! I already faced this problem! Perhaps it's the new update of Chrome. Try using Dolphin or UC Browser - this should help!
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