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  1. Thanks everyone for your answers. I tried it and it worked with selecting the BMD WDM.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I will check this out and get back.
  3. Avolite Arena desk uses artnet. how can i trigger the lighting desk with artnet ?
  4. Hi everyone, I have lighting cue on Avolite Arena and the graphics on watchout 6.6.1. Can i trigger lighting cues (Avolite Arena desk) from Watchout ? Please advice Can we use 2 midi's input simultaneously Watchout ?
  5. Thanks everybody for your replies nothing worked out with BMD
  6. Hi Friends, Can we use Magewell Pro Capture HDMI 4K PCIE card for watchout.
  7. I have PC ( Asus X99 E WS motherboard) with a Blackmagic Quad hdmi capture card.and Decklink 4k SDI recorder. In blackmagic Media express it shows all the inputs but in watchout 6.6.1, live input it does not show up. Can anybody help me with this problem.
  8. I Have also the same problem Can anybody help us out
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