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  1. Watchnet or Download a UDP app from the appstore so you can create your own GUI.
  2. Hello everyone, Got 2 nos. of watchpax 2 units. Plug it on, got the green and red activity led lights then after that only the red led lights will stay on. The LAN port activity led will give a flashing amber light only. Keeps blinking slowly. No Display on my screen outputs. tried both mini dp ports. Got no luck with swapping mini dp adapters. All are active connectors. Wont get any video signal at all. Didn't even hear the internal fan cooler to startup. Anyone who experienced this issue?
  3. You add input as midi note? Im using APC40 mk2 now.
  4. Check the windows 7 or 10 tweak list But like what David suggest check firewall and also anti virus if you have one installed. Cheers.
  5. Just an input, i personally tried to use laptop as a display PC but no luck. temps will be very high specially with heavy contents. as for the thunder bolt sdi capture i have not tried it yet, but i did try usb 3.0 capture device and too much latency was observed. i would suggest that you build your self a slim matx tower or sfx shuttle with pcie and pci card slot to give way for a proper sdi capture card to avoid unwanted results during shows.
  6. My most recent build is this Intel i9 7900x 10cores 20 threads Asus X299 Prime Samsung 850 evo on raid 0 Firepro W8100 Datapath capture card Playback 11k videos smoothly. But again you dont need this kind of setup unless you will be doing a very complex timeline. It will be great if you will also tell us the quality of the videos or files that you will be playing on your computers. Cheers!
  7. Hi all, Anyone in here that have tried using Notch with WO for motion tracking? We are planning on using motion tracking on our next events. I would really appreciate all of your inputs.
  8. Hello everyone. Im new with WO and want to know the best codec. We have an upcoming show which will be around 12k resolution. We have not tried using HAP before since we are using AI in the past and it is mainly using AIM codec. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, im trying to apply a live feed on top of a virtual machine with a video clip running I can see it on the preview screen working on top of the video but on the actual projection it does not show. could anyone help me sort this out? I put the livefeed media on top of the virtual display then the virtual display on top of the 3d content. thanks!!!!
  10. Hello WO users and Admins! Does anyone here use the AKAI APC 40 MK2? Im planning on upgrading my Korg Kontrol and Nano Midi device. I have a friend who has the APC40 MK1 and most of the features are not working. The knobs doesn't work. Is it the same case with the MK2? I hope someone can share their experience with their APC 40. Thanks!!!!!
  11. I have already seen this amazing project! Currently based here in dubai. Im a new watchout user and im looking forward to doing this same amount of pixels in the future.
  12. Hello We are building a couple of new WO display computers. Here are the current specs that we are looking at Intel 7820X Asus Prime X299 deluxe / or any x299 motherboard 32Gb RAM DDR4 2xSamsung 960Pro M.2 Firepro w9100 16GB and Blackmagic or Datapath Capture cards with SDI and DVI inputs Do you recommend using one of those AIO Liquid coolers or simply the stock cooler for Intel will do? Thanks!!!
  13. Hi, starting on a new server here. Im trying to use a Korg nanokey2 with WO as a midi controller to trigger my Aux scenes. Have gone through the preferences and everything looks to be ok. I tried using the Korg Nanokey 2 with the bundled software from Korg and it works fine. Is there any special setting that i have to change on WO? BTW, i have used a korg kontrol2 before and it worked fine plug and play on Windows. Only after trying the nanokey2 is when i started having this problem. Has anyone tried the NanoKey2? Thanks.
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