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  1. John G

    Pax gear

    Does anyone have a copy of the Micsoft6 supplement disk? My copy of Micsoft6 is missing the supplement which has the Read & Write programs and all documentation on it. Regards John
  2. John G

    Pax gear

    Steve Thank you for your suggestion, I have contacted Media Fabricators. John
  3. John G

    Pax gear

    Thanks for the replies regarding the date it probably was early in the 80's the catalogue is undated, however the computers illustrated were Apple and the micsoft disk was version 2.1 The 1986 catalogue doesn't mention the soundpax at all. Yes it would be nice to get the bits I need from here but so far no response at all. Best wishes to all for the New Year john
  4. John G

    Pax gear

    Thanks for the reply about the Soundpax it was pictured in one of my catalogues as item 3338. If anyone is interested attached are scans from the catalogue John 2020-12-26-0008.pdf 2020-12-26-0007.pdf
  5. John G

    Pax gear

    I am looking for all of the following SAV adapters 3430 qty 3 Pax Leica adapter 3436 qty 12 Tascam remote cable 3427 & 3460 I'm trying to build up a system to replace my Imatronic SX4000 12 projector dissolve control I already have the 3 pax units, a transpax & a smartpax QC if anyone can help or give some advice on what else I may need, I'd really appreciate it. I'm in Perth WA Regards John PS. Has anyone had any experience of the Soundpax unit?
  6. Dean Thanks for replying I have sent you an email with the requested info. I also have 8 carousel S-AV 2050's all with Dataton SAV adapters. My preference in projectors is actually Leitz Pradovits non carousel type, but I don't recall Dataton ever making adapter cables for them. John
  7. I'm looking for two trax ektrapro adapters 3475-1. If anyone can help please contact me, I'm in Perth Western Australia. thanks in advance John
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