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  1. Hi all, I am using Watchout 6.2.1 and created a task with a media that playing network video using RTSP feed(UDP Unicast, enabled WATCHPAX Hardware Acceleration and applied frame blending). However, during the task is playing, if the RTSP feed source is killed and started again after around 15 seconds, the screen display still stays on the moment that the RTSP feed is killed without refreshing/reloading the feed(There is no error message in Watchout. I am not sure if Watchout knows that the source is missing. Also, I used VLC Player to check the RTSP feed has been restarted already)
  2. Hi all, I want to display the network video in Watchout production. I created a live555 rtsp server in the same computer and added a media in watchout with the corresponding rtsp link. I mapped the media in the task and started to run the task. However, I got the following error: From Network Video "xxxxx" of Media List, 2017-11-21 19:52:03 Rendering error: 2156; [Facility 34934] I am using Watchout Version 6.1.7b2 in windows 10 platform.I tried to play the rtsp video in VLC player and the video can be played. As I know Watchout support video encoding formats such as H.264 or MPEG-2,
  3. Hi Rainer, Thanks for your reply. I tried with three license keys(one for display computer, one for production computer and one for dynamic image server) and load the shows to display computer after the dynamic server is on and it works! I will try your suggestion. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Micheal, Thanks for your reply. I already have 2 license keys(One is for Display Watchout and one is for the Image server). First of all, I use the 2 license keys for production Watchout and display Watchout to load the shows. As we don't need production Watchout after the shows are loaded to display watchout, I shut down the production watchout and turn on the dynamic image server. I got no error message (If the image server do not have a key, there should be an error message pops out saying that the key is missing) and the task name and its related image is shown in the im
  5. Hi all, I try to display images in display computer but the images are not showing. At first, I set the dynamic server ip in preference and I created a task which contains a dynamic image from dynamic image server. Then I turn on the dynamic image server and use my python server to send TCP/IP command to run the task. I can see the task name and the image is displaying in the dynamic image server console and the dynamic image is shown in the production Watchout(Stage window) successfully. Afterwards, I pressed online and then offline to load to shows to display computer because I
  6. Thanks, @jfk, from the server log files I can see the same error occurred after executing "getStatus", "run", "kill", "setInput" etc... it seems that the error has occurred randomly.
  7. Hello, I'm building an application in which there are 2 major components: a python server, which will send telnet commands to WATCHOUT WATCHOUT Production (Version 6.1.7b2) Although most of the telnet commands were successfully sent to WATCHOUT, sometimes I could continuously see a mystery error which makes me feel a bit worried: [0]Error 7 0 "Application in modal state (eg, a modal dialog)" I've checked the documentation and the "7" here means: "General Runtime Error. Other errors, not covered by any of the above cases. Always described further by a string as the second parameter, as we
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