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  1. We recently upgraded from 6.2 to 6.5. Now when the external command "gotoControlCue idle1" is run from a remote box it works great. When any other gotoControlCue to a differnt time slice area the screen just flickers on the current time slice and doesn't move. If you put the system in Offline then it shows immediately where it should be and then requires putting the system back online which can take a bit of time. Our system has a production server and 6 display servers with 6 displays on each of them so a total of 36 displays. Not sure if there is a better way to run the commands. The system is used to display an award over a slot machine so on every call the award characters are reset to 0,0 just in case so that they do not show over a machine. authenticate 1 setInput "TimeHop1x" 0 setInput "TimeHop1y" 0 setInput "TimeHop2x" 0 setInput "TimeHop2y" 0 setInput "TimeHop3x" 0 setInput "TimeHop3y" 0 setInput "TimeHop4x" 0 setInput "TimeHop4y" 0 setInput "TimeHop5x" 0 setInput "TimeHop5y" 0 gotoControlCue idle3 run The production server is correct and showing on the preview the right timeline however the display servers are flickering from their last timeline and no updating. If I go to offline and then online they will synchronize correctly.
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