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  1. I use putty and simple commands being passed to the device an example is posted below. Here is the batch I use: d:\Data\sfcBonusWO\plink.exe -raw -P 3040 < "D:\Data\sfcBonusWO\WOBonusReset.txt" > "D:\Data\sfcBonusWO\WOBonusResetStatus.txt" Here is the contents of the WOBonusReset.txt authenticate 1 setInput "TimeHop1x" 0 setInput "TimeHop1y" 0 setInput "TimeHop2x" 0 setInput "TimeHop2y" 0 setInput "TimeHop3x" 0 setInput "TimeHop3y" 0 setInput "TimeHop4x" 0 setInput "TimeHop4y" 0 setInput "TimeHop5x" 0 setInput "TimeHop5y" 0 gotoC
  2. I have having problems with my display servers flicking between different times in the show.  When I use the Gotocontrolcue to a future time most of the display servers work great.  Some display servers will flicker between the original time of the show and the new time of the show.  I have found that sometimes the halt and run commands seem to bring the show back into synchronization.  Toggling the show between offline and online will frequently cause the servers to attempt to download content or synchronize.  This can be distracting.  My current configuration is windows 10 enterprise for the control server and windows 10 enterprise for the display servers (6 of them) with a total of 35 active displays to the arena.  We have upgraded to 6.5 and the problem has gotten much worse.  These are on a domain controller in the network at a casino.  We use the visual displays to show bonusing wins to the casino floor.  This has worked extremely well in the past only requiring restarts every 3 - 4 weeks.  The system is configured to be autonomous so no human interactions.  This does run 24/7 365 days a year and the activity of awards or movements along the timeline occur about every hour or more often.

  3. We recently upgraded from 6.2 to 6.5. Now when the external command "gotoControlCue idle1" is run from a remote box it works great. When any other gotoControlCue to a differnt time slice area the screen just flickers on the current time slice and doesn't move. If you put the system in Offline then it shows immediately where it should be and then requires putting the system back online which can take a bit of time. Our system has a production server and 6 display servers with 6 displays on each of them so a total of 36 displays. Not sure if there is a better way to run the commands. T
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