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  1. Recently i am facing issue with one of my display computer (watchmax w600) while turning on i am receiving error ( the WATCHOUT license key can be found Re-trying automatically in a few seconds) after that watchpoint is running. Please help me to fix this out. Thanks.
  2. i am facing issue with datapath vision hd4+ /d, only two channel is working ( 1&3), always gets no signal in channel 2 & 4, i have even changed the slot and updated the driver to latest one, still facing the same issue, recently i am facing delay in capturing device about 2 to 3 seconds, please help me to fix this out. Thanks in advance. Display Computer : WatchMax W600 Production Computer : Alienware 17 R4 (Windows 10 Home 64bit)
  3. Still waiting for reply, i forgot to mention operating system of production computer, its WINDOWS 10 HOME 64bit
  4. Sorry for the late reply, actually i tried in different port in capture card with the same setting and it worked, but i want to know why it didn't work previously(tried so many times). here are the info you needed as follows WATCHMAX SERVER WATCHOUT VERSION 6.1.6 VISION SC HD4+ CAPTURE CARD and one more thing, while on live feed from camera, video getting pix elated at some point. please help me out. thanks in advance.
  5. When i connect swticher (VDWALL LVP 606A) to capture card and added to timeline, when i go online it get this error "input device not specified" please help out to fix this error asap
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