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  1. My personal choice would be Javascript (just because it's what I know and I don't have time to learn a new language). More specifically NodeJS, then use Electron as a cross platform wrapper. https://electronjs.org/ Many apps are written using it (Slack, whatsapp desktop, atom IDE etc... I have a bit of a hatred of Java, which mostly stems from how resource hungry the runtime is/was. It might be an outdated view now, but I still stand by it! ?
  2. Would you be interested in sharing your progress? What are you developing in?
  3. I've been using string outputs to set layer conditions within watchout via IP, but as it stands, you can only set all of the conditions at once. It would be really nice to only affect one condition. Say I want to set condition 9 to off, but I don't want to change any of the others. This is not possible without knowing the state of all the other conditions beforehand. I'm assuming there aren't any commands available to achieve this. I took a gamble and tried "setLayerCond 9 0" and a few other variants, but to no avail. Thanks.
  4. +1. Considering how much watchout relies on the network, I find it strange that this hasn't been in place since day 1.
  5. It may well be. I've not used that method on a show before, or for any prolonged periods, but it seems ok in the small amount of testing I've done. Making the number much bigger gives a "Parsing error; number out of range" message, but it seems to be fine for numbers a small amount over 1073741824 .
  6. 6.2.2 So, I've tried again, and yes it works exactly as you suggested! Not sure why I was having issues before. Most likely user error ? Yeah, you're quite right... would be nice though. Thanks.
  7. So, I can control a generic output from the timeline, as expected. But I can't work out how to use the value anywhere else within Watchout. Tween track formulas and task triggering expressions look for inputs not outputs. From the manual: "A Generic Variable can be controlled using cues on a timeline, just line a DMX-512 Output. However, its value isn’t sent to any external device in your system. Instead, it can be used internally to govern the behavior of Task triggering expressions (see “Using Outputs in Triggering Expressions”)." - But this doesn't seem to be accurate, or the manual doesn't explain how to actually acquire the values. "Using Outputs in Triggering Expressions Task expressions can use inputs, as described above, as well as numeric outputs. This can be used to build complex logic conditions, where the value of an output – such as a “Generic Variable” – governs the performance of a task." - But I can't see how to actually use the output anywhere. Typing in the name of the Generic Output in a tween formula box or in a task expression box just gives me an error. Any ideas?
  8. I'm having an issue with WO 6.2.2 If I have the timeline running over a still image, then use a jump cue (to time or named control cue) which is over the same still image, the output flashes to black (or whatever is behind) for a fraction of a second. I've been testing it in an aux timeline. Not sure if it happens on the main timeline. Anyone else had this? I've tried adding the image to a composition. Next step might be to render out a single frame video for the image. Thanks.
  9. Would you mind documenting this. I've just been having the same issues and not understanding why sometimes "enableLayerCond 0" would do what I wanted (set all conditions to off) and sometimes not (after I'd changed the enabled layers in the preferences). It seems that if you see this misunderstanding all the time, it would be good if the info could make it into the manual. For anyone else looking to set all conditional layers to off, use enableLayerCond 1073741824 1073741824 is 2^30, which will turn all layers off. Thanks.
  10. Layout guides I would be great to be able to add layout guides to the composition window, to allow for easier placement of media, virtual displays, real displays etc. Like guides in Photoshop and other similar programs, anything being moved around in the comp window would snap to them. One specific example is when using compositions: If in need to lay out several pieces of media which need to line up with virtual/real Displays, it would be nice to be able to add guides to make it easier. Thanks.
  11. I had exactly the same issue today. Watchout 6.2.2, using TCP commands to jump in the main timeline. I was using TCP to jump between multiple short video loops (20 Seconds), which were set to free running and looping. Triggering the TCP command would correctly jump to the control cue, the preview on the production machine would show the correct content, but the display machines would just sit there and flash the old clip, until I manually paused and then re-run the timeline. Didn't find a solution or a work around, thankfully we didn't need to use this control method in the actual show. As you say Bas, it works fine in aux timelines, but not on the main one.
  12. Any chance we can have the ability to delete stage tiers? I've found forum posts on here for the same requests in the past but it hasn't been implemented yet (unless I'm missing something). Thanks.
  13. Also check that the displays all have the same settings. Any variance in display mode (specifically between "game" and other modes will change their input latency. Otherwise, I would definitely swap out or remove completely the Cat5 Extender kits, or at least make them all the same model. In an ideal world you'd be much better off with decent fibre systems, but I appreciate that this is a more expensive solution.
  14. I'm looking for a way to extract the timing information from the Watchout network. I'd like to just be able to get the current time of the main timeline. Is there any protocol information to get me on the right path or is it a closely guarded secret. I appreciate that there are a few other ways to acheive this (LTC, Midi trigger, etc) but I'd like to do it over network if possible. Thanks.
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