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  1. Thanks Erik. I'm looking forward to the next release.. By the way, about quicktime movies, How are you getting the difference between limited range and full range? Is there useful application??
  2. Hi. When using Prores codecs in Watchout6.1.6, Top and bottom of video level is over the range. I tested using 16steps grayscale. In other app:QuickTimePlayer,Premiere,finalcut etc..., It's no problem. When using other codec:animation,h264,mpeg2,hap..., It's no problem in Watchout. Dose watchout have compatibility of Prores codecs perfectly? I upload tested file on link below: https://srv06.bitsend.jp/download/9a80634f7a5c4cbf60d7019b42c764c3.html thank you.
  3. hino

    DXVA on WatchOut

    Thank you. >However, WATCHOUT does not normally utilize optional video decoding hardware on a graphics card, >movies are decoded completely in the CPU and then streamed to the GPU. I understood that Watchout decoding movies on CPU. >Exceptions in 6.1.6+: HAP variants on all Display servers, >h.264 or mpeg2 only on WATCHPAX variants. >These exceptions do use the GPU to decode movies Is it difficult all Display servers use the GPU to decode movies(h264 or mpeg2)?? HAP is good codec, however it consume a lot of HDD resources.
  4. Hi, When WatchOut playing the movie(h264 or mpeg2) ,Is DXVA working on GPU?? Please see below for the details of DXVA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectX_Video_Acceleration My PC spec: Windows7 64bit WatchOut version: 6.1.6 Using Graphiccard: AMD fireproW7000 thank you
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