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  1. Msx

    Audio pops

    Hi Dean Yes everything is HAP or HAPQ. We are in the progress of stripping out the audio from those files in the hope that will fix it. Not tried 6.2.2 but certainly worth a shot Thanks
  2. Msx

    Audio pops

    Hello Everyone Sorry to start up another pops and clicks post but could do with some advice. We have had sudden pops and clicks appear on our multi channel audio playback that seems to get progressively worse as the day/show goes on. Everything will start out fine and then gradually more and more audio pops, clicks, scratches will appear over the course of the day, a cache clear seems to solve is for a while and its in no particular place in the show. This is a large and pretty complex show but is being run on hardware and software that is know to us, has done bigger and has never suffered from the audio problem in the past. We are using an ASIO device in WO 6.4 (6.3.1 tried) running on high end display servers within a windows 10 LTSB image that is built for this very task. I don't see anything obvious that is causing this but it must be something in this particular show as others have been clean. Audio device is set to 48Khz and all audio files are 48Khz however there may be a couple of videos that have muted audio tracks that are 44.1, could that cause it? Anything else anyone thinks i should check and any feedback welcome Thanks for your help
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