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  1. Hi! This counts for the image version of the watchpax 4 or is there a hardware change? According to my supplier, i have R38 image installed, should the Gen3 Focusrite work? Thanks,
  2. Hi there, I'm having some trouble on a fixed install with a Windows 10 Touch PC running watchnet to control timelines in a cluster of 2 Watchpax 4's. This server is also running a schedule to turn on the system in the morning and shut it down at the end of the day. Sometimes the server loses its connection to the watchpaxes or something and thus the system doesn't start up/shut down. I keep getting these WorkManager errors in the server window, sometimes directly on startup, sometimes after a few hours. I attached the log file, the first 2 lines are the 2 watchpaxes losing their communication. I need to fix this issue asap, but i'm not sure where to look.. Any tips on what to do? -No firewall running. -No internet connection -All fixed IP's -Art-net running on the network to control some lighting (controlled by WO) Complete reinstall of the Watchnet system? Or the whole windows installation? Hope anyone can help me, Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Ruben Wessels The Netherlands WATCHNET.log
  3. Thanks for the reply, although i can't find that product, Show Sage website doesn't seem to work.. Yes, i connected both connectors of the midi interface, also measured the connector.. just no power.. For now i got it working using a standard 5V power supply and put a midi plug on it. Still i'd rather power it from the WATCHPAX's USB port..
  4. Jfk, I'm interested in what interface this is, i have a situation where i need to connect multiple Midi Solutions F8 to WATCHPAX 4. The simple driverless USB-Midi interface that i bought appears to not provide power over MIDI, witch the F8 needs. The Midi Solutions website does provide a list of midi-interfaces that will surely NOT provide power, but not one midi-interfaces' specs will tell if it DOES provide power.. I prefer the most simple/smallest converter that powers over USB. Any tips? Thanks! Ruben
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