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  1. Firewall and Antivirus off. Windows defender off. This happens on one, two or three or four 1080p 60 outputs. The Evision 6870 has 6 mini DP outputs.
  2. Hi, First post...no one cares....lol I am controlling a Z400 machine that has a brand new build (OS, drivers, applications, etc.) and the OS has been scrubbed with the Win7 tweak list. I can load a video for testing into all three 1920x1080 outputs, create cues and the whole 9, but when I play back the video from a cue or playback from the beginning of the timeline, the video will play for 15-20 seconds and then freeze. Has anyone seen this issue? This is currently happening on two of our Z400 machines and not all 4 of them with the exact same specs and OS image. Thanks in advance, Derek Z400 Specs ATI 6870 GFX Xeon 3550 @ 3.07 16Gb RAM OS/Media on separate SSDs
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