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  1. Hello all, Sorry to revive an old topic. I am in the process of finding a new laptop to be our production machine, and I'm interested in an MSI laptop, specifically the MSI GL75 17,3" FHD 120Hz. So I found this topic discussing problems with the MSI. Did OP or anyone else figure out the cause of his problems? Was it that the 120hz display was causing troubles? The specs for the laptop I'm interested in, are as follows: MSI GL75 17,3" FHD 120Hz GeForce GTX1660Ti 6GB, Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, Anti-reflex, MSI Matrix Display, 120 Hz, 512 GB SSD - (M.2) PCIe - NVM Express (NVMe)
  2. Hi there. I have a backup display machine I am trying to install and tweak win10 pro on. I have read and attempted to follow the official tweaking instructions, but I guess since they are made with Enterprise in mind - some of them wont work. For instance installing the recommended windows update (kb4090913). The error I get is " The update is not applicable to your computer". Does anyone have any success with tweaking win10 pro, finding an win10 update that is stable for running WO? Can you follow the official tweaking guide at all, or do I have to just wing it and do everythin
  3. Sorry to revive such an old post, but the same issue happened again. (I work at the same theatre as OP) Last night during a show, everything was working perfectly until at the end a cue was not run on the display machine - but was running on the production laptop. Which to me indicates the same issue. I have not been able to reproduce this error though. Our network guy says the switches are running as they should, so he thinks the issue is with WO, the production laptop or the display machine. No error messages in WO or anything, nothing in the log. Is there any network (or
  4. Thanks for your help, everyone. I'm on day 5 now without the bug occurring so we may have found it. For posterity, what I did then was delete the tasks inn the task scheduler that nvidia had put there. For some reason it would not let me delete them directly there - so I had to go into windows/system32/tasks and delete them manually there. They did not reappear after rebooting. I did also uninstall Apple Software Update.
  5. The only item in the startup folder is Watchpoint. However, your tip about checking Nvidia led me to some schedule tasks. Namely: NvNodeLauncer, NvProfileUpdaterDaily, NvProfileUpdaterOnLogon, NvTmMon, NvTmRep and NvTmRepOnLogon. Also in the installed programs I find Nvidia Geforce Experiene. So maybe Nvidia is the culprit somehow? Which of these prosesses should I deactivate? I also found that disk defragmentation was enabled, scheduled for wednesdays at 4pm.. I've disabled this also, but it doesnt account for the times this bug's occurred not on wednesdays. I've
  6. I changed mine to Names today and still I got this bug, so I dont know.. I dont use any NDI or 3D projectors. Its just a basic 4 output normal show, 1 SDI input from blackmagic capture card. Whats weird is that when I opened task manager, there are 5 instances running. 1 of which is named just Dataton Watchout - not Watchpoint. They are all apparently running ("kjører"= "running"). And when I end the process "Dataton Watchout", all goes back to normal! The displays go back to showing whatever they are supposed to be showing in proper full screen mode, no nonsense. I've checked both t
  7. Sorry for spamming both this thread and the other one with this image, but alas - the error happened again even after uninstalling what I thought were the culprits (iums and mse) operating in the background. As I gather from the thread about the minimized windows and latency bug, does changing from using the IP adresse to define the display to name help? Addendum: I see now in the Network window that the display machine does indeed have a Computer Name - but we've always used IP. Changed each display now to the Computer Name instead. Lets see how that turns out.
  8. Does it look like this? Because this is what happens on our display machine. They are also defined with IP and not name..
  9. I have now uninstalled both Microsoft Security Essentials and Intel Update Manager, so hopefully that will have a positive impact.
  10. Yes, so it would seem. Iumsvc is apparently the intel update manager or somesuch, and together with the antimalware I guess they are still working in the background. I will check if its possible to uninstall both or manually disable them from starting up. A colleague of mine working right now, told me it had happened again. When he now closed watchpoint on the display machine, he saw that it had opened up 5 other instances of watchpoint. Is this part of watchouts attempts to regain control or something? This must've happened overnight, because everything was fine when we left it last
  11. Thanks again for your follow-up. I did go through the tweaking list again, and the only aberration I could find was that it still was indexing the start menu. I tried to disable that, but couldnt figure it out. Where did you find the line of servicegateway.intel.com? I think the regular findings of Microsoft Antimalware is weird. Windows Defender, Firewall and Update are all disabled. Is Microsoft Antimalware a program independent of those 3 mentioned? Åsmund
  12. Hardware: ASRock X99 WS, Socket-2011-3 E-ATX, X99, 8xDDR4, 6xPCI-E, UltraM.2 x4 Intel Xeon E5-1650v4, Socket-2011-3 6-Core, 3.6GHz, 15MB, 140W, 14nm Crucial DDR4 2133MHz 32GB RegDIMM 32GB Kit (8GBx4) DDR4 2133 MT/s (PC4- EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Editio HDMI 2.0, 3x DisplayPort, VR-Ready, Twin Samsung SSD 950 PRO 512GB M.2 PCIe M.2, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe1.1, Samsung UBX, 2 Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB 540/520 mb/s R/W
  13. Thanks for your reply. So, the watchout-logs for yesterday (when I had the error) say nothing other than "Starting watchpoint" which I guess is logged after I restarted the computer. Should I assume then that watchpoint itself did not crash? Looking at the windows event viewer, there were loads of entries - but there were entries also on every day that seemed pretty routine. Like "Microsoft Antimalware has discovered an error by trying to update signatures" (translated from the - sadly - norwegian error log). Along with that one, were entries from something called "iumsvc 255".
  14. I've had this issue a couple of times now. I was projecting an image across two displays, then suddenly the watchout-logo and the windows taskbar appear. Offline/online does not help, and I have to restart watchpoint. And when I do go online again after restart, the watchout-logo flashes a few times, then everything is back to normal. Today I was starting up the watchout project, went online and the same thing happened. Any ideas? Running 6.2.2, Win7 tweaked.
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