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  1. I personally don't care much for major fancy features like 3D, but I'm looking into alternatives to Watchout because it really isn't helpful. It can do the thing, but you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve for even pretty basic stuff like this: So far it has never actually been helpful to me, although it has enabled me to do my job. Just something as simple as a popup saying "You won't be able to play this file" or not having to wade through heaps of windows when working on a smaller screen would be great. And being able to tween generic inputs. Come on.
  2. Another option is to use multiple production computers and just send TCP/UDP control commands. Then you could quite easily control everything over pretty much any network connection, even the internet. Bitfocus Companion (for sending the commands to multiple clusters) and ZeroTier (for connecting computers in separate networks over the internet) could probably solve it. It would influence the technical production design and workflow quite a bit, but it's an option.
  3. It's a single control cue. The cluster is being controlled by TCP commands from a control system. (RTI) No, but I'm gonna try it the next chance I get. Thanks! Seems buggy that it should make a difference though...
  4. I have tasks that triggers clips on 3 separate machines (A/Master, B and C), with a "go to time"-cue for looping. (as the clips shouldn't loop back to the very start) It happens quite consistently that one of the machines doesn't loop. It's not a single machine, as it sometimes is B and sometimes C that doesn't loop, depending on the task. (so it is a consistent error) Is this a known problem? Are there any workarounds? How do I troubleshoot? Watchout 6.6 running on Watchpax 4.
  5. Is there any way to monitor temperature and other vitals (error logs etc) on a Watchpax 4 running without a production computer?
  6. The show loads fine from the startup script, and I'm able to trigger timelines from our control system via IP control. It is the "variable hack" (using outputs in tween expressions via ArtNet) that's not working.
  7. It’s not working at all when I’m running without a production computer, the ArtNet that should loop back into Watchout is either not being transmitted or received. I’m not controlling any other ArtNet devices.
  8. I'm programming a fixed installation where I make tween curves in tasks that gets output over ArtNet, and then goes back into Watchout to control parameters on other media. This works great when running on a production computer, but not at all when running standalone. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  9. I have checked the settings in Watchmaker, and I can set up an ArtNet output that is both visible in Artnetominator and affects the input I’ve set up. If I use DMX-Workshop to send values I can see them in Artnetominator, but nothing happens in Watchmaker. It’s like it’s only able to output and won’t listen to any incoming Artnet traffic. Is there any way to see which interface Watchmaker is listening on? We won’t be running a production computer later on though, as it is a permanent install. The Artnet output from Watchmaker comes from the correct interface though. Windows Fire
  10. Huh, strange that it's mentioned in the manual then. Well, I guess I'm off to buy 8 EDID managers then. It's a permanent install with the Watchpax units running continously and separate control of the projectors. Thanks for the quick answer!
  11. We are planning on using ArtNet inputs for dynamic positioning of media, but I'm not able to get any response in the Inputs panel. What are the troubleshooting steps? We are sending ArtNet from a Pharos LPC X I can receive the ArtNet stream in Artnetominator on the production computer. The display computers are Watchpax units, so I can't do any testing there. I have tried both unicast to all machines in the cluster + production machine, and putting all machines in the network and broadcasting. Which ArtNet net/subnet is Watchout listening for? Are there any m
  12. I discovered that the display numbering isn't consistent between boots on Watchpax 4. (all 4 outputs used) After a deep dive in the manual i found that it is recommended to use active displayport adapters when the projectors are started/restarted after the watchout machines are. (which is the case in this instance) Will active DP-HDMI adapters fix this? Or are EDID managers like HDMI detective needed?
  13. Have you checked the delay in the camera itself?
  14. The machines were delivered this autumn, does that count as very recent? I guess the smaller Scarlett interfaces would work just as well? I'd prefer balanced outputs, but 5 times the number of outputs and a full rack unit seems a bit much. Are there any sync/phasing issues etc to be aware of when running sound from separate machines? That seems to be the easiest solution as all three machines are in the same rack, essentially giving me 6 outputs "for free". Thank you!
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