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  1. So, is it likely that other newer radeon pro models, like w6600 or w6800 are also this choppy? This would mean Watchout needs - if you stay with AMD - a 7 years old graphic card (wx7100) with a 4 years old driver? Is this correct?
  2. Or even better, just implement multicast uploads, like every other deployment software do since 20 years.
  3. We use WO in a fixed installation and managed to have it run with 6.2.2 - after some undocumented changes in the remote telnen behaviour, I was very carefully to take further updates, since in my experience, there is always something different than before. But to have a look, I took an update to 6.5 first, the only thing disturbing our way of use is, that the display machines shows the WO logo if we send load command over telnet. This was different in 6.2.2, is there a way to turn the logo of like it was before? But this was some minor annoyance, so I updated to 6.6. We used to play some
  4. I remember a strange behaviour after an update to 6.2.?, we used telnet commands to load shows and goto cues, so there was a list of commands that where sent. After the update it was necessary to wait for the ready message from the display cluster to have the gotoControlCue command worked like before - if you used to have a fire and forget onedirectional approach to use remote commands, it is very funny to implement something bidirectional in some hours to have the show going on next day. These are these little easter eggs you always have to expect after each update...
  5. The same here, after updating from 6.1.6 to 6.2.2 the telnet commands don't work as before. I used to send a stack of commands like "authenticate, load show, gotocue, run" just with line seperators between as a single message, worked fine until the update. Seems there was a mechanism for stacking commands and execute them when ready. Interesting that it works on aux timelines, didn't test this. Another interesting observation was that cues on the beginning of the timeline where found right after load, whereas later cues needed some time after load to be found. My solution was implementing
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