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  1. When duplicating an item (either copy and paste or duplicate item) the new item should be easily distinguishable. The duplicate item should append its name to have a way of indicating it is the copy. i.e. Dataton_Comp Watchout_Comp Dataton_Comp(1)
  2. When working in a composition it would be awesome to have a set of tools for arranging items. i.e Select multiple items and have an 'Align and Distribute' button. Similar to layout options in PowerPoint.
  3. The ability to have collapsable sections within the Task List. Similar to Folders within the Media Bin i.e > Pre Show [Heading] > Event [Heading] ^ Post Show [Heading] - MC Intro (Task) - Medal Ceremony (Task) > Other Announcements [Heading]
  4. When a timeline is selected in the Task List, the ability to use Ctrl J to edit timeline settings, the same command used when the timeline is open.
  5. The ability to ALT Tilde [ ` ] between windows within Watch Out would be super handy.
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