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  1. Hi all, I think I have now read every forum post with the words "latency" "capture" and "blackmagic" and tried the suggestions but we are still having about a half second latency from our live feed which is not great. I'm hoping someone can help. We have 7 live cameras routed through a Kramer SDI Matrix and then to our Display computer which has a first-generation Blackmagic Decklink Quad capture card. When we check the signal on the Display computer using the Blackmagic Media Express software, we have minimal latency from every camera (maybe a few frames). As soon as we route it through Watchout, we have noticeable delay between the live and projected imagery. We have tried turning off de-interlacing and unchecked the frame blending option for the live feed, with no effect. We changed the WO settings to downsample to 720p and it temporarily reduced the latency to something a little more reasonable but was still significantly more delay than we'd prefer. The delay seems to build when we have more cameras activated and de-activated. If we shut down and re-open the Watchout program, the latency is significantly reduced. Why is Watchout adding so much latency? What can we do to alleviate this?
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