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  1. It’s a ShowSage display machine with an i9 intel processor at 3.5GHz, 32GB of RAM, and a Radeon Pro WX 9100 graphics card. They are decently sized files as we are filling the entire space over 4 projectors; content is 6762x1042 pixels at 30fps. I think this same problem is actually happening on other cues as well, where sometimes there is just a delay in playing the video. There’s a piece of content where we do a .5 second crossfade and occasionally it seems to just pop on a little late, after the playhead has run past the fade-in. On another section, a video which is identical to a
  2. RBeddig, changing pre-roll doesn’t seem to make any difference, unfortunately.
  3. They’re all Hap renders, so I don’t think that should be what’s happening.
  4. Hi all, I’m having an issue with a few moments in the show I am programming, where the designer has created a file that brings in a piece of content (i.e. Snow particles) and that video ends on a frame which is identical to the first frame of the following video, which is a loop. Let’s call them “snow-in” and “snow-loop.” At time 00:15.00, let’s say, “snow-in” runs for 25 seconds on layer 4, then “snow-loop” starts on layer 3 at 00:40.0 (and when I drag “snow-loop” to confirm it’s starting exactly at the end of “snow-in”, I do get the “snapping” line). In my mind, Watchout should finish p
  5. Hi all, I think I have now read every forum post with the words "latency" "capture" and "blackmagic" and tried the suggestions but we are still having about a half second latency from our live feed which is not great. I'm hoping someone can help. We have 7 live cameras routed through a Kramer SDI Matrix and then to our Display computer which has a first-generation Blackmagic Decklink Quad capture card. When we check the signal on the Display computer using the Blackmagic Media Express software, we have minimal latency from every camera (maybe a few frames). As soon as we route it thr
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