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  1. Hi, About to install Watchout on a new production machine...we typically use Vegas Pro or Adobe Media Encoder to encode HAPQ content for Watchout. So a couple of questions: - Best place / version to download HAP family codecs so Vegas, etc can use on encode? - Is there a way (player) to view HAP encoded media on a Windows 10 machine without installing Quicktime? Seems that VLC, etc still don't support it. - Is there a way to know when playing back a HAP encoded file in Watchout that it is using the Dataton Watchout decoder? How do I know it is not using the decoder installed when
  2. Hi Erik, Thanks for getting back to me! The Hap move is stored in a .mov and we're using HapQ ... not Alpha. We're viewing in "Best Quality" on the stage window. I haven't tried this on a online machine yet ... just production. Another thing I didn't mention ... I installed 6.2.1 on a different computer and it played back the same HapQ encoded .mov fine in the Stage window. Also, this happens only with Hap encoded files ... Avi, mpeg, have no problems. Seems that somehow on this particular machine Watchout wants to use a different codec for decoding. The file was en
  3. Hi all, On one of our production machines, ever since updating to 6.2, videos encoded with HAP appeared pink in color on the Stage window. Uninstalling and installing 6.1.x and the problem goes away. The same issue happens with 6.2.1. Looking into it, I saw we had previously installed the HAP codecs from Vidvox ... if I uninstall this, and try to import a HAP encoded video in Watchout I get an error: "Proper decoder for this type of video stream not found. But trial version of this product does not support compressed output. Please contact MediaLooks to obtain a demo license
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