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  1. Hi, alegrt, I feel your pain when we spend lots of money, I really hope AMD can fix this issue for you. A question before buying an entire Dataton system, using 4 datapath fx4 (not sure you're familiar, I take 4 1920x1080 as one big UHD 3840x2160) and plugging them to a 4x4K will I be able to pull out 16 projectors feed? Best, J.
  2. The final idea is to create a very long/panoramic screen. If I take a W7100 with four times 4K output (3840x2160 at 60fps) can I use each of them with a datapath Fx4 and plug four FullHD projectors (1920x1080)? I do have some other questions, but I will make them after understanding more. Best regards, J.
  3. Hi, I'm evaluating a new system to buy and I'm looking at Showsage and Watchmax media server that both run AMD cards. If I can I'll run 60hz content but if fps drops I usually take the program my datapath to 30hz. This would be a concern for me, investing in a new machine. Best, J.
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