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  1. I abandoned Windows 10 and was able to force Windows 7 onto the rigs. It worked first time and has not failed yet. I did not have to force EDID, remote access works, everything. No Windows 10 until they release a tweak list, I say.
  2. That's the last time I believe the system requirements listed for motherboards and processors. Thanks to Screenshaper and Thomas Leong I attempted the install. It worked, after about 4 hours of hammering at the USB 3.0 driver issue, then it finally installed. I have a working machine that I can clone tomorrow and do a full test of all three. The machine running Windows 7 works with remote access, connected and displayed first time, and generally ran as expected. I don't think Dataton should claim Windows 10 compatibility until they release a tweak list. I wasted 80 hours o
  3. Well, I'll pull one of the machines and give it a shot. Windows 10 is such a pile of garbage.
  4. Thanks for the detailed response. I will poke at the BIOS settings. I also have acquired Windows 10 N LTSB and will be installing on separate SSDs and installing to see if they are more stable. The m.2 card has a massive heatsink and has not exhibited any throttling, the issues I am seeing on this system are Watchpoint crashing and rebooting constantly during edits in tech. It seems a tiny bit more stable without Live Update enabled, but still goes haywire when making changes.
  5. With the newest Intel Corei7 chips you MUST run Windows 10.
  6. Further update: I have asked a board member as well as our IT department to get me four Windows 10 LTSB licenses. If i can get them before mid-day tomorrow I will nuke all display and production machines and see what this does.
  7. Digging into the logs show a lot of errors saying that the registry key for the audio fix cannot be enabled, but we aren't doing audio. I'll ask the designer to make sure his files are stripped of audio. Something interesting was: "WATCHPOINT" exited abnormally (code 3221225477), restarting Running this code through an Excel file to get the Windows error (why does Dataton convert it to decimal??) give me C0000005. This has something to do with DEP, or the following: It is an Exception Error that occurs when a process (application, driver, etc.) t
  8. Is there any kind of useful log file that will shed some light on the Display machines dropping offline randomly? They all came back eventually but it was ugly for a while. Without some kind of record of what's going on it it like stabbing in the dark. There is a log file in the application folder I hear, and will pull and inspect as soon as the rehearsal ends. How detailed are Watchout logs?
  9. Live Update was enabled on the 'trouble-free' day, yes. We are starting the day with Live Update disabled. It took two hours of reboots and such to get the system to lock and display all outputs, and it seems stable. I will do a full reinstall of the other two Display machines and the Production machine on Monday. I really wish there was some kind of tuning guide for Windows 10, even just from the community. There is so much garbage in Windows 10 that one has to disable, or can't be disabled, that I simply don't trust it at all. I wish I had bought older i7s so I could have used
  10. Yes, we are indeed using the FirePro control center to force EDID. We had a trouble-free day yesterday and now machines are dropping offline randomly, Watchpoint flashing on and off for 5-10 minutes before it comes back connected. It seems to be triggered by live updating files across the network.. Which we of course do often during tech. I'm going to reboot the Production machine on the next break and see if that helps.
  11. We did a full nuke and reinstall, and then did not install any updates. We are back in business. Still no built-in VNC, and we've done all your steps. But the machines are displaying video. We are getting a lot of errors when going online, saying: From Display "TV 3" of Stage Tier "Base" of Stagelist of Stage, Warning: Changed Frequency from 60z to 59hz. Any ideas on that one? I'll poke at AMD FirePro settings and see if I can just lock it to 60hz somehow. Everything still functions but going on/offline is very annoying with 15 errors cropping up every time.
  12. Thanks. Since Windows 10 does not allow full uninstallation of those updates, we are in the process of erasing and reinstalling AGAIN. We won't do any updates this time and see what happens. We got the video card to see the SDI converters finally and now have hit the wall of Watchpoint refusing to go online at all. No communication with the production machine at all. Will keep you updated.
  13. I REALLY need info on tweaks. our Windows 10 system is a total disaster.
  14. AMD FirePro W7100 in all three machines. 6-core i7, Asus X299-A mobo. Newest version of Watchout, Windows 10 fully patched as of Sunday. Two machines are running four displays, one is running three. All displays are through SDI, via HDMI-SDI converters. All displays are 1080P. All active adaptors. IP addresses are good : production machine, display machines,, projectors and No firewall on anything. We nuked and reinstalled completely on one machine ye
  15. Ok, I need some advice. We are not getting consistent video out of two of our machines. Here is the build: Three identical water-cooled rigs: Asus Prime X299-A 6-core i7 16GB DDR4 RAM FirePro W7100 quad-output card Dual Samsung SSDs, one 850EVO boot drive, 960Pro M.2 Watchout data. Monoprice SDI-HDMI and HDMI-SDI converters Dedicated gigabit network. Windows 10 professional 64-bit The cards are not putting out video consistently. I have one machine up and running by forcing EDID, but the other two are just bonkers. The Epson laser phosphor
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