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  1. Good morning, We'll be doing a gig next week with watchout and just been informed, that we'll need to have audio on some of the videos. It's like an "interactive" exhibition - midi triggered video playbacks in separate rooms on LED walls and projectors using 16 video output channels on 4 display computers. Each area has a separate midi trigger and the audio should only play on designated speakers. I read some of the audio related topics, but not sure what would be our solution. As I understood the best way would be to have separate audio files and a multichannel audio interface. Can I route stereo audio channels to on a multichannel audio interface? Like audio for screen 1 go to channel 1, screen 2 to channel 2 etc. The timelines will be triggered randomly (people walk in, button push etc), how would I need to set it up for the audio to match the video? Where would be the best to connect the audio interface? Production laptop or one of the display pc?
  2. Hi David, I seem to have the same problem with all of the links! We are about to build a media server and would like to know the recommended technical specifications for it. Is it possible to download these files from somewhere else? Thank you! Ferenc Dobos
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