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  1. Hi, I am using an Akai APC mini, it is working well, only problem is that the buttons do not light up as I would expect, is that because there is no signal being sent back to the controller? Would love to find a solution. Thanks
  2. That's really helpful, thank you very much. I will come back to you when I run the programme again in a couple of weeks. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the reply. They are jpegs, 3840x2160, yes sitting on a control cue, space bar running a cue and going through images, sometimes images can take a split second to arrive on a few of the screens. I don't think it's a control question issue as it happens on some images.
  4. No, the show is already loaded and ready and when going through images the wall loads at different times. That makes sense right?
  5. I mean, when I run the show and put images from the production laptop to the video wall (8 screens) sometimes the image would not appear at exactly the same time on all 8 screens. There may be a delay on 3 of them etc. Hope that explains it, I appreciate your time on this. Jonny
  6. HI all, we have 4 live feeds into our capture cards for a video wall, it can take a good 3 seconds for the feed to arrive on the screen once it has been sent. I was looking at using a midi controller and wondered if I could keep the live feed on all the timelines active and simply fade up and down on them at choice. All midi controllers seem to have 8 faders, this is fine but ideally a 12 - 16 fader solution would be great. We have 12 feeds timelines to choose from, for example - live feed, live feed + timing page, live feed + pit link, double pit link. Using 2 capture cards means we hav
  7. Hi all, i'm relatively new to this and am running a video wall at F1 Paddock Club races, we have an 8 screen video wall which looks ok. At the moment sometimes when we push an image to the wall it can take a split second for all screens to show the image. This is an issue which has been flagged up in the past, im sure there is a simple solution. Thanks Jonny
  8. I presume you have tried assigning the input capture to a relevant device number on the server computer?
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