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  1. currently experiencing this problem now. and my event is about to start in 4 hrs. during rehearsal, everything are working well.. today, i experience some of the projection goes to black, then goes back to projected video file.. then the watchout displays will crush. restarting the watchout application on the display computers doesnt solve the problem, unless i will restart the computer itself (display computers). can somebody please help me with this? i attached here the format of the file i received from the client. i converted it into wmv, because when im playing the origi
  2. I had this problem and solved it. Just uninstall the video card. restart the computer. Reinstall the video card with correct driver. The cause of this problem is due to incorrect video card driver
  3. Our practice here is that we are using an Extron DVI Connector. Just like in our last event,. we used HD20K Projectors (4pcs). We copied the EDID resolution of the HD20K Projector by plugging in the Extron DVI connector (To Computer) to the DVI IN of the projector. We are always doing this. and then we encountered for the first time this weird problem about Hz. Thank you Sir RBeddig.
  4. I had this problem from the last event i had here in Saudi. I hope somebody from dataton can give us answer for this issue.
  5. Hi Guys, i need some little help about the project that we might have next month. Its a dome projection (inside the dome). I have a little doubt on the plan i did for a 35m dome projection and need some projection experts to help me solve my problem. Its about the projection for the ceiling of the dome. Im going to use 9pcs of S+20k projectors (portrait position) for the side of the dome, and i will use 2pcs of S+20K for the center top portion (ceiling). Is it going to work using 2 projectors for the ceiling? As per pixelwix lens calculator it can be covered. But my doubt is that is this a pro
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