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  1. Hi Christian, Looks like it's time to brush up on what Adobe are up to with their latest updates... ?
  2. Hi Alex, I now believe that 'AfterCodecs' plug-in uses ffmpeg as it's back end encoder which is interesting. Have you ever had the chance to test the difference in quality compared to HAP renders direct from After Effects or Media Encoder? That's where we are seeing an issue.
  3. HI all, We have recently been through the misery of having the HAP codec family removed from the Adobe suite and started to use the third party plugin AfterCodecs for our HAP renders. We noticed a drop in quality from what we are normally used to with the HAP family. We did a few tests and rolled back a version of Media Encoder that still supported HAP and found that we got much better quality file that what was produced from AfterCodecs from the same source file. Is anyone else using AfterCodecs and if so is anyone seeing this? PR
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