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  1. Ok, so switched two projectors to 1920x1080 59hz, and the 4k projector is at 59hz. It helped with the stuttering, but there are still a few frames that it skips, so it didn't solve it 100%. I have tried 29.97hz out of watchout, which made a few faster motion parts sharper, but it still skips. When I do 59hz output, it still skips, and additionally the fast motion parts are blurry (and I have motion blur turned off on clips). 1080 vs 4k doesn't make a difference. Also, the AMD driver is 2017 q4.
  2. Thanks Benoit, I will try this on Friday and report back. I think you're on to something. I will tell the editor to give me some exports in chunks. Really appreciate the advice everyone!
  3. I have choppy playback on my ShowServer XHD R4 running 6.2-6.3 (Just updated to 6.3.1 from 6.2.1 and the issue is still present). Sometimes its a frame or two every couple of seconds, once in a blue moon it runs seamless, other times it jumps / skips a ton of frames multiple times / second. I'm trying to run two concurrent 3840x1493 29.97p clips. I have tried ProRes 422, LT, Proxy, HAP-Q (2 & 3 chunk), and also 1080 x 7XX versions of each flavor. There are no effects outside of geometry and edge blending applied. Even deleting a layer and playing only one clip results in the same issue. I
  4. Thanks for that. Following your instructions I un-checked frame blending. saved and restarted all computers and the issue is still present. Am I missing a step? Also, we do have a Dataton display server built by them. So I'm assuming that the hardware acceleration box should be left checked.
  5. Hello, I'm running 6.2.1, and we are experiencing blurry motion, almost like a minor trailing ghost effect. The actual video file on a computer looks fine, but when it plays back through WO it looks bad/blurred. It's only fast motion. Still or slow motion is sharp. Video Specs: 3840x1493; 29.97 NDF (Tried Prores 422, PR LT, and HAP-Q). We're running 3 projectors. with two separate 3840x1493 video files. I've made sure to set the Hz to 29.97 Hz, saved the show file and restarted both the display and production computers. Turned off and double checked that there is no frame cre
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