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  1. Hi, Thank you so much for share your tips, KAI
  2. Hi, What a driver version of WX9100 you are use it? Regards, KAI
  3. Hi RBeddig, I'm still test and learning watchout at the same time every day and I think our server it's coming in next month, and your comment help me a lot, Thank you so much, Kai
  4. Dear All, today I'm chat with my content supplier and we decide to split a content to 8 segment and every segment long 3-5 min and plan to use 2 server for led screen, that mean it's use 4 layer for uhd file per server, my content suplier ask me it's can add more layer for Hap alpha file or not, any suggestion please Thank you so much
  5. Hi All, I will plan to split file then I will waiting update from Dataton from above system , and my last plan it's use 4 server for led screen but need to down a spec of server because it's over budget, 1728 x 1728 px/output and use 4 output / server ,
  6. (in any case, Watchout won't accept HAP files above 8000px). Can you explain me for this? Thank you so much
  7. Hi, We hire a media animation company to make a content for this project and them told me it's first time to make resolution like this , any way I can told them to make any format if I need, them told me to finish render for 1st scene in this 3 week and them told me again it's long 10min and close to 1TB, I will try to test every solution to make this project done, Thank you for your advice it's help me a lot for newbie like me Regards, Kai
  8. Hi matkeane, I'm try to convert to HAP , a below it's information after I'm try to convert to HAP, I don't know I'm make something wrong for HAP setting because 1 min = 23gb and our plan for content it's 3 part and long 15min/part Kai
  9. Dear Sir, In above design Watchmax WX7100 +S400 , this model it's ok for WATCHOUT-A and B or not , WATCHOUT-C = Watchmax WX9100, any suggestions please let me know, Thank you so much
  10. sorry my picture in above it's low resolution, I will upload again
  11. Dear All, I don't have any experience with media server system before until my company plan to make a new project, I’m start to research for media server last year I’m try a media server demo software from 3-4 brand then I’m decide and focus to Watchout and start to join a member to this forum on June 2018 then I’m order 2 license from Dataton Partner to test and learning until now, I’m learning Watchout from this forum, google, youtube, and I’m plan to training for operator's Course and Certified User soon, Many reason for my decide to use Watchout but this forum it’s one of my reas
  12. +1 for this, it's all perfect but I hope next release it's have osc in/out in Watchout, Thank you so much
  13. Hi All, I'm plan to use 2 server and 4 output / server and try to make slice to 2160x3465px (30fps) vertical output as RBeddig recommend, any recommend display card 4 output to support 2160x3456 30fps vertical output , I have 2 choice for server, 1st custom built with Windows 10 and other choice it's start with 2xWatchpax 4 any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you so much Kai
  14. Hi, any recommend for display card between nvidia quadro M6000 (6 output) and AMD W9000 (6 output) Thank you so much
  15. Hi jfk, Sorry for my question it's not clear, I mean a playback system because it's large content, I'm sure for use 1 large file with native resolution or split it , output from WO go to video wall controller then go to 24xled screen sending , Kai
  16. any suggestion to use WO to play media video content 13,824x3,465 pixel resolution to led wall screen Thank you so much
  17. Hi, My feature request, 1.OSC protocol I would like to use use delicode ni-mate to made a interactive with WO and I can use X-OSC from x-io.co.uk or I-CubeX from infusionsysyems via wireless control 2.TUIO protocol it's perfect to use with CCV 1.5 and it's open source http://ccv.nuigroup.com/#home Please take into consideration. Best wishes KAI
  18. HI, a main problem it's from "nvidia 3d stereoscopic" in nvidia control panel after disable , it's working fine with Watchout, before I find and fix a problem I will try to test other mapping software it's no problem then I try to clean and format windows and install WO 6.2.2 it's same problem with display, then try to search about nvidia display problem I see some forum taking about "nvidia 3d stereoscopic" I will try to check and after disable WO 6.2.2 it's working fine. my display card it's Quadro P2000 run on Win 10 LTSB, next week I will try to test with firepro wx4100. KAI
  19. Hi, Thank you so much for help, I find a problem and fix it, any way I'm new user for WO and I try to learning by my self first and then I'm plan to training WO Certified user in next 2-3 month. Kai, Phuket Thailand
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