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  1. Hi, We are having Dante Virtual Soundcard multitrack audio problems with our Watchout servers. We're running Windows 7 64bit, Watchout 6.2.2, Anker usb3 to gigabit ethernet adapters, Dante Virtual Soundcards and using 4 channel .wav files. The Dante Virtual Soundcard is started and Watchout audio output is set to Dante Virtual Soundcard. We are using the ASIO setting in the Dante sound card software to send multichannel files to audio world on show site. We are connected to the ip of the Dante Controller audio network and they can "see" the Watchout output in the Dante Controller, but can't hear any audio. We have also tried the WDM setting for stereo pairs in the soundcard, but still no audio output. Are there any other settings in Watchout that need to be accessed/configured to allow the audio to pass? On the Windows side, the playback device is set to the Dante card. Any help is very greatly appreciated. Thank You, -oleh
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