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  1. That's great to know! I had already installed the NDI | HX driver and restarted the computer, but still got nothing. We left for the day and we tried it the next day it connected no problem. We did nothing different. The latest problem is trying to get the stutter/ drop frames which happens every few seconds. We figured it is probably due to being in large theatre and having a giant LED wall between the router and the iPhone. We put the router on a fly rail on the pipe end putting it in sight of the device and about 20ft from where it needs to work. It's better but still getting a stutte
  2. Hello anyone who can help, I have an iphone 6 with the Newtek NDI app installed connected via Wifi to a Linksys AC1900 router. This is the same router connecting the production and display computer. I can see the live feed in watchout on my production computer just fine, but for some reason I have not been able to see signal through the display. I downloaded and installed the latest Newtek software on both computers. The display computer also had difficulty seeing the signal in the NDI monitor app although I did see signal once briefly. Am I missing a setting on the display computer? I tr
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