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  1. Hi, I am currently working on a proposal which involves in static visuals of a multi-projector 3D mapped application in an architectural space. I have modeled the venue with 3DS Max and exported the .OBJ data containing UV map. However, when I import the data into Watchout 6.4 I get broken/tiled texture on smooth continuous surfaces. My goal was to fit the visual on to whole surface. You can see what I mean on attached visuals. Any suggestions on proper methodology, plugins, settings etc.? Thank you.
  2. In which case users of Eyefinity and Mosaic primarily get a tiled large image of non-standard resolution and/or shape not increased numbers of full resolution and independent output streams. Those technologies both designed to utilize software mapping of a single video stream output up to six screens/projectors, while allowing a total resolution limited to when using a single display. They provide simple edge blending, display tiling for basic use and distributing Windows desktop into multiple screens.
  3. Hi Bambam. Let me make things clearer then; 1. PCI-e lanes provided by CPU provides communication only for GPUs at the moment. 2. Therefore, total count of lanes and resulting data bandwidth is only relevant to tasks between the CPU and GPU/S such as, gameplay, rendering, CAD, etc. where a very limited dataset is given to the GPU (usually and algorithm and accompanying parameters) and it is expected to spit out huge data(video if you will) output as the result. Not a streaming output fed by storage. 3. As for the chipset provided PCI-e lanes, they are used for data transmis
  4. Currently any chipset available for Intel platform supports a maximum of 24 PCI-e lanes. Therefore, it doesn't matter how many lanes the CPU supports. Any reasonably priced Intel setup be it consumer or server grade, is limited to 24 lanes. For instance, the display PC in piccinaezio's example has 24 on board. AMD Pro WX9100 uses 16, Datapath VisionRGB-E-S2 uses 4, BM Declink uses 8, each Samsung NVMe SSDs use 4 lanes of PCI-e lanes, in total one would need 36 lanes supported by the chipset in order to realize the full potential of the hardware listed. So, there always be compromises
  5. Hi, could anyone with experience recommend me the best method for exporting my files as best quality 4K HAP Q files from Adobe After Effects 2017? The reason that I am asking is that a recent export yielded files with HAP M and HAP Q tagged files even though we had used exactly the same settings for all of them. WO does not recognize the ones with HAP M tag. Thank you.
  6. Hi, Logs folder was empty. it turned out to be the absence of the license key. All is well after installing the key. Also, I have reinstated the startup defrag task and I have added a 12 seconds delay to WO launch task in the Windows scheduled tasks. No problems from then on.
  7. Hi, I had the same problem and it turned out to be the SpeedStep problem. I built a server with robust server components (Xeon E5-1650, Supermicro X10SRM-F-O Mobo, 16 GB Kingston 2666 Server Premium ECC DRAM, Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD for OS and Intel DC P 3700 NVME Enterprise SSD with WO installed and for content, AMD WX 7100 GPU, Win 10 Enterprise LTSC OS, WO 6.5 and ample power and cooling etc.) all was fine with this setup. Then Mobo died on me during 72 hour test due to a manufacturing error. I sent it back for a replacement. I had to built a temporary server for meeting the
  8. Hi Jim, I have set the delay value back to default value 5000. No cure. Then disabled the defrag task. Launched WO without problems and taskbar this time. Restarted the server a few times to make sure it worked. And nope. Same thing again. Went into the task scheduler and disabled remaining google and amd driver update tasks and it worked fine again. For two times. Then back to good old taskbar. I don't know where the WO error logs reside. Could you please tell me where it is located? Thank you.
  9. Hi Jim, this is happening on a display PC which I have just built and without a key. So license key warning is there. I have increased the delay value to 10000 with no difference. Could this be also due to the fact that I had scheduled SSD defrag for both OS and WO disks at the logon? Also, taskbar goes away when I click at somewhere on the WO default black screen. Any thoughts?
  10. I have the same problem. With the display PC, not the production PC though. It was fine with the Display PC until yesterday. But today it started displaying the taskbar after the autostart of the Watchpoint 6.5. WP goes fullscreen upon execution, but taskbar remains at the bottom. Thank you.
  11. I need to control several Play/Pause cues on a timeline via network. Triggering will be done by optical sensors which are connected to a PC and that PC will issue Pause commands over the network into the display server. A timeline will have a number of different clips and I need to play them as the system triggered and eventually loop-back to the beginning. I am thinking of setting pause/play cues at each clip's beginning and activating them when a network string is received. I know I need to make sure the port 3039 is reachable on the display server and I need to "authenticate
  12. Hi Benoit, thank you for your suggestions. Our case is that a visitor at a themed museum stands within a designated stage area and does pre determined body gestures consequently this triggers some audio and lighting cues. So, there always be a single person standing in a pre-calibrated area and the tracking system will be monitoring in 2D, say when the visitor raises both arms then a sound cue will be played out, etc. Therefore, specialized IR targets, suits or such are out of the question.
  13. Hello, I am working on a project which requires triggering video clips and DMX messages by live motion tracking of a person. I was planning to use Kinect environment, but, I have become aware of the fact that they are discontinued and therefore Kinect would not be a reliable option in the long run. What type of product and platform would you recommend or this kind of application please? Thank you.
  14. I understand. Then what is LTSB exactly please? Thank you David. PS. Nevermind. I have found the explanation. Complete disabling of updates sounds good to me.
  15. The official Dataton Windows 10 tweaking guide seems to refer to Windows 10 Enterprise edition as defacto OS. Is this edition a must or a recommendation? Are there mandatory requirements to be met by using this edition instead of Pro? Thank you.
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