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  1. Hi Benoit, thank you for your suggestions. Our case is that a visitor at a themed museum stands within a designated stage area and does pre determined body gestures consequently this triggers some audio and lighting cues. So, there always be a single person standing in a pre-calibrated area and the tracking system will be monitoring in 2D, say when the visitor raises both arms then a sound cue will be played out, etc. Therefore, specialized IR targets, suits or such are out of the question.
  2. Hello, I am working on a project which requires triggering video clips and DMX messages by live motion tracking of a person. I was planning to use Kinect environment, but, I have become aware of the fact that they are discontinued and therefore Kinect would not be a reliable option in the long run. What type of product and platform would you recommend or this kind of application please? Thank you.
  3. I understand. Then what is LTSB exactly please? Thank you David. PS. Nevermind. I have found the explanation. Complete disabling of updates sounds good to me.
  4. The official Dataton Windows 10 tweaking guide seems to refer to Windows 10 Enterprise edition as defacto OS. Is this edition a must or a recommendation? Are there mandatory requirements to be met by using this edition instead of Pro? Thank you.
  5. Hi jochri, thank you for your time and input. I was wondering what SKUs from the latest Xeon generation would you recommend. All core turbo specs are no longer published by Intel and therefore I have no clue which CPUs would be suitable. Also, Dataton Windows 10 Tweak guide mentions Win 10 Enterprise Edition. Is there a plausible reason to use this over Win 10 Pro 64 in your opinion? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to externally trigger an audio track to play independently while a video file is playing out with its embedded audio in WO 6.2.2? Thank you.
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