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  1. https://forum.dataton.com/topic/2558-latency-on-running-cues/?do=findComment&comment=13657
  2. It has been a few months now since I went through a significant amount of render tests, which included side-by-side playback in WatchOut. I know I used FFMpeg natively and in conjunction with Render Garden for tests, including AE's encoding of Hap. I may have thrown in AVF's batch encoding as well. I'd have to revive my findings for definitive results, but I concluded that tweaking some parameters in the command line entries within Render Garden's GUI resulted in acceptable Hap files. I had to abandon finalizing my results so I could focus on existing projects. I do note your mention of Q
  3. Hello Keith, I have used the following software to export Hap out of AE: https://www.mekajiki.com/rendergarden/ It is similar to BG render since you can have multiple comps rendering at once, or even segments of the same comp rendering at once. It touts "network" rendering as well over multiple computers, hence the "Garden" in the name. It is very similar to a render "farm". It relies on FFMpeg for Hap encoding and that is done automatically after the initial render is done. I put the software through the wringer and it rendered faster, by at least 25%, than AE's native renderer. That inc
  4. That release says it can "decode" Hap AKA import into AE. Their export/render solution comes from Disguise, which is a work in progress at best. Adobe now considers the matter "complete" touting Disquise's work as the permanent solution to all our Hap problems. Although Disguise should be credited with their effort, you can abandon all hope Adobe will listen to our market. Instead, try this FFMpeg based HAP render beast that works brilliantly with AE. They are very responsive to requests and are a joy to work with, unlike Adobe. I have tried it and tested. It is far superior to Adobe's stand a
  5. I remember avoiding the use of cluster names over IP addresses when I found bugs related to proxy and audio issues while using cluster names. A few years have passed so I'm hopeful I do not encounter those bugs now that I am forced to use cluster names to maintain sync between displays. Fingers crossed!
  6. Official active list of keyboard shortcuts with each release. Not sure why this does not exist already...
  7. Thank you Walter! Those of us that jump from Adobe products on Macs to WO on PC benefit greatly from this script. The more we can tailor software to our needs and avoid subscribing to an engineer's ideal arrangement, the more efficient we become. Now if only Dataton could actually compile a keyboard shortcut list with each release. It is asking a lot, I know. Probably more fun for the end user to invest time scouring the internet for such a simple piece of info. I prefer software that actively enables a user to succeed in its environment without forking over hundreds of dollars for a training
  8. Thanks for the info! We do use on board raid config, but have had a well tuned recipe for quite some time now. I have successfully cloned O/S disks and distributed to display machines without issue before, so this one has me perplexed. As soon as the gear is back, I'm going to do some testing and utilize all of the above-mentioned advice. I will report findings here.
  9. Hello Jim! Thanks for the prompt reply! I will certainly remember to use that command line option moving forward and very much appreciate the insight. In regards to the GFX driver, we are still on AMD driver v14. That being said, I'm not sure if the driver/registery issue applies here, but great info none-the-less. I'm still a bit confused on what is actually being written where. Are we talking about the registry of the O/S or the w7100? What would be a good course correction for reviving a machine once that occurs? Thanks for the information Thomas. I did use the boot manager, via F1
  10. Hello Fellow WatchOut ops, On a recent show, I had subscribed to an E2 EDID of 2880 x 720 using an AMD FirePro W7100. This particular EDID, combined with how WO digs into the GPUs, has potentially caused irreparable damage to the GFX card. I've found that a display set to that format would begin to cache and receive it’s files/data on a WO update, but would then just freeze in a state where it displays it’s display name. Once in that state, a forced exit of Watchpoint would be the minimal that is needed to be done to resolve. In one instance, I had to turn the hardware off, only to find t
  11. ZaakQC does have a good point. We all work under the gun with very rigid deadlines. It would be far more effective if WatchOut just built the show for us so we would not have to trouble ourselves with daily annoyances like efficient workflows and software/show cue comprehension. This also mitigates the risk of end operator error and transfers show liability directly to the software environment. In the age of disappearing end-user accountability, I see this as the most logical next step in cue evolution. Please note the thick sarcasm For those of us still stuck in the mundane world of ana
  12. We have multiple NICs on displays as well, but the secondary ports are disabled on all display machines. Although not apples to apples, we both have 2 NIC ports on production computers with shows that contain VDs. Not to mention cueing aux's from the main timeline. Thanks for the info. Let me know if you find anything.
  13. I have experienced this as well and am working to discover the culprit. If anyone has any relative info related to this "bug", please chime in. This post is over a year old so I hope someone has been able to shed more light on the problem. Likewise, I will share anything I find. Cheers!
  14. WO version: 6.1.6 Production computer utilizing 2 NIC ports with separate IP range 1 Switch in network Issue: I have experienced cases where a display machine or group of display machines from a cluster react to a UDP command with a consistent latency. The latency can be anywhere from tenths of a second to 2 seconds. Jumping to a marker or scrubbing the timeline does not induce latency… only when running a play command from the production machine. That alone suggests it is something inherent with WO’s use of UDP commands. My theory is that there is timing information built
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