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  1. did you try changing the Deinterlacing to Best quality ? from the live video property , i had the same issue with megewell this fixed it
  2. you can use an open source software called companion https://bitfocus.io/companion/ you can use it with stream deck from elegato or also with any web page even on an ipad , you can customize any button and trigger WO from there , i use this in every show plus it integrate with a wide range of devices , sound mixers , lighting consoles ,switchers , ...etc .
  3. for the dip to black issue, and if you are always playing back on more than 1 server , i always use manual preroll set it to 3 seconds , try connect the 2 videos together but in 2 different layers with manual preroll , plus test the playback on the output screen not the production, sometimes the preview is not as smooth as the server main output. for the 60 hz issue , currently in the market everyone advertise they are 60 hz but in reality they are mostly 59.94 , so to get a solid 60 hz sync while you have so many components together is hard and troublesome what u did to fix it in-fact
  4. the only possible realistic safe thing to do during a show is that you do what @RBeddig told you , hence you can have all the backgrounds in high resolution in WO , and all the power point slides give them a green background , then key the green in WO so you will have the flexibility of last minute changes .
  5. Here is my suggested trouble shooting method to save your time to know which output is giving you a headache : 1- remove the force EDID from all outputs (if its forced ) and unplug all outputs except for output 1 then restart the machine. 2-in WO production deactivate all the outputs except output 1 by ticking the box (use this display ) . 3- now make sure u have set the proper EDID that matches output 1 config. in WO and try to go online ( without forcing the signal). 4- now if it worked keep adding one output at a time and go online, until you find which output is causin
  6. most of capture cards have delays , some claim low latency and still you can notice delays , so that is something to expect , try changing deinterlacing setting to "best quality". the best way to get the live right , is to use a presentation switcher. i hope that helps.
  7. i can feel your pain !! we had similar issues recently and we solved it by changing to 48khz from windows sound setting not from WO , then in WO set sample rate to auto ,one more thing to do is to "NOT" set your output audio card to default audio device" in windows" try choosing something else and then just choose your audio output card from WO this will allow the buffer of that card to be used fully by WO. if you dont have RME sound card yet , its time to invest your money there. cheers.
  8. can you try to connect all sending cards together with a serial USB then send RCFG files in 1 shot , usually if each sending card were programmed individually you will end up with unmatching colors or some times unmatching clock . hope this helps Cheers
  9. Did you set video timing to 1080 @60 Hz in WATCHOUT Live media options ? also try changing deinterlacing from none to best quality , furthermore check if your display computer monitor setting the capture card to 60 Hz not 59 ... if problem still persist make sure you are using the latest driver from 2019
  10. hey mate i am also based on saudi , and u better get fans and water cooling =). -more cpu power is never an over kill specially when those late mp4 files arriving and no time to rerender in hap ,you need that cpu power to have a smooth playback specially runing 4 x 4k mp4 files... - i would go with AMD and here is why ... i feel nvidia is more powerful coding card and AMD is more powerful decoding card. - i would go with more ram because why not , you already have the super micro ? . cheers
  11. Can you tell us which updates are those , because we had similar issues , we are using LTSB 1607
  12. How about the latest driver ? has it been tested with 1607 LTSB ?
  13. hello every one did any one here tested the latest driver from AMD specially after few people reported somewhere in the forum having issues with 10 bit colour video playback ?
  14. We used to have this issue, we just updated audio cards driver from windows driver to realtalk drivers , we did not see it happen again
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