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  1. Thank you very much for the answer. It was very helpful.
  2. Thanks for a lot of help. We ask for help once more. Are WATCHOUT's file transfer, play, and synchronization done in a multicast way? We plan to consult with network engineers regarding external network configuration. I want to tell them what the network configuration should be when using WATCHOUT.
  3. Thank you very much for your kind answer. There is one more thing I want to ask. If the product server and the display server are assumed to use different external network, is communication between these two servers possible in the watchout program? Is it possible to be'online' like using an internal network? If possible, what should we prepare and set up?
  4. Thank you for answer. I am currently checking with a telecommunications provider in Korea. We will need a test, but we are reviewing it positively. They commonly want to know how much data traffic is between servers. Please tell me the data communication method and data communication bps(?) between servers. Thank you.
  5. Hello everybody. We ask for your valuable advice regarding network issues. The contents of the inquiry are related to the network connection between the production server and the display server. The location where the projector is installed is 100 meters away, and between them is a vehicle-only road. So it is a difficult environment to connect the network by wire. In this case, we would like to hear advice on network connectivity. I want to know if there is a wireless or other way. I would like to get some suggestions on how to do it. Of course, recommendations for networ
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