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  1. Hi, Is there a way we could control our timeline from keyboard only(without using mouse) Just kill & Play timeline is required. Ps-I dont want to use companion app or use it with wifi. I just want to control it with hot keys similar to Vmix. I want to use it with simple bluetooth Keyboard so that I can Show demo to my client while standing with him by using simple Hot keys on mini bluetooth keybaord.
  2. Hi All, I want to purchase a small midi controller for shows, can anyone suggest a good midi controller for me which is easy to carry also.
  3. Hi Guys,I need Urgent Help, I am in a Show,I have 4K datapath SC-HD-4+ Capture Card,I am taking Live Feed From Camera, But I am getting Delay in the Blue Part only (Photo Attached) when I Pan the Camera (All other is Fine) . Can Anyone Help me Why is it Coming I am taking Live Feed from Camera through HDMI. I have put Camera in 1080i /50i and Live feed also in 1080i 50hz. i have tested it by changing frequency to 60hz,59.94hz,50hz,25hz. but there is still delay in the blue Part. server Details: i9 7900x processor asus x299 pro Motherboard
  4. Hi,I am trying to play a small video of 1 min i have tried mp4,mov and avi format but sometimes when i Press the spacebar on my timeline my video pauses on my display but it keeps on continue to play on stage window. and please also advice good format for playing my video of 1080p .
  5. Hi all, display config- i9-7900x asus x-299 processor 32 gb ram Amd radeon wx7100 Windows 10 Pro I have 2 questions coming up in my mind Q1-Is it necessary to have same windows in display and production computer? will it be fine if my display computer have windows 10 pro and my production computer will have windows 10 home? Q2- I am purchasing a New production Computer https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1437161-REG/msi_gl63_8re_673_gl63_8re_673_i7_8750.html Please Let Me know is it good for 3D mapping?
  6. Hi I have newly Built 2 Servers config: i9 7900x Processor Asus X299 Pro Motherboard 32 GB Ram G skill gaming samsung pro 860 SSD x3 amd Radeon WX7100 DATAPATH 4K Capture Card VISION-SC-HD4-+ My Watchout screen is fluctuating and losing connections,if I give 2 Outputs it works fine but if i Increase Outputs 3 or 4 As soons as i open Give “online Command” my displays starts flickering and starts losing connection ,It’s Going out & In My Output were are follows output 1-DP to HDMI active Connector & connecting to XGA Projector (10
  7. Hi I have newly Built 2 Servers config: i9 7900x Processor Asus X299 Pro Motherboard 32 GB Ram G skill gaming samsung pro 860 SSD x3 amd Radeon WX7100 DATAPATH 4K Capture Card VISION-SC-HD4-+ I am Planning To buy a Production Computer,For portability Purposes,I am planning to Buy MSI Preferably. i wanted to Know Do i need to spend too much on production Computer or not will it be fine to buy i5 processor ,8GB Ram, 4 Gb Graphic,1 TB HDD? And Do i Need To have SSD storage? Please Advice thanks
  8. Hi,thanks Rbedding, But my requirements are a little high as Put Led Walls of about 100ft x 10ft size. and I have seen a few people demanding for 4K Camera. so is it feasible?
  9. I am Building a New Machine and I am vvery confused in Selecting The Capture Card for 4K Output. I Want To Give 4K Output but the thing is it Beneficial to But DATAPATH VisionSC Range HD4+ or Should I buy Vision SC SDI4 as Sdi capture cards are much cheaper. but For the Current & Future Market,Does people Require 4K DVI/HDMI ports or Should I stick to 4K SDI ports.
  10. Hi all, Can anyone Tell me that Amd Radeon wx7100 Supports 4x4K output?
  11. Hi all, i read the some of the topics in forum,I was thinking to but amd radeon wx9100 instead of wx7100. will you wx9100 will be able to give me 6 outputs? i read in forum that only 4 x4k works is that true? please guide me
  12. Hi can Anyone Recommed good Graphic card for new Display computer with windows 10 pro i am really confused between firepro and wx seriesz i was thinking for amd radeon pro wx7100 or amd Firepro 7100 please suggest good Graphic card.
  13. Hi All, I am an amateur,I am building a computer. i am very confused in select the right specs for my server. I want to be very sure before buying this machine and yes i want to ask which graphic card should i go for wx7100 or wx9100 i am really very confused. Here are the specs Someone recommended me for 4K i am planning to purchase Please suggest: 1.I9 PROCESSOR 7900 2.ASUS X299 II MOTHERBOARD 3.16GB RAM GAMING EDITION x2 4.SAMSUNG PRO 850 SSD (512GB) x3 5.AMD RADEON WX 7100 /w9100 6.COOLER MASTER 850 WATT SMPS 7.LIQUID COOLING 8.4 U RACK MOUNT WITH R
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