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  1. Thank you both for the replies back! I did follow the instructions from the first post and checked the display computer settings for the cluster and IP address. Everything was set correctly. I finally did get ahold of the last person who setup the system and had a conversation with him about it. Turns out with the type of graphic card and settings in the display computer, he used passive cables and not active cables for the cable run from the display computer to the projectors. Given that the distance isn't too long and we're only using two projectors we swapped out to passive cables and were able to have the projectors show content. Thanks!
  2. I will preface this by saying my experience with Watchout is very limited, we (at a university) are also looking at hiring someone to come in to take a look at the system but are also trying to troubleshoot at the moment as well. Any advice would be great. We have the production computer in the house and one display computer in the catwalks between two projectors. We've pinged the Ethernet connections and those all look good between all components. Both projectors powered on just fine and when the IP address is used in a window on the production computer we are able to see them and select the correct input and power them on/off from the production computer. There is a data cable from each projector to the display computer and a third data cable to the monitor connected to the display computer. We can get the watchout logo on the display computer screen but once the data cables to the projectors are plugged in we lose the watchout logo from the display screen, and haven't been able to send anything to the projectors. In the watchout program we've typed in the data port number in the staging area and it accepted the connection, but after closing the window and then opening the staging window again it was back to red and had lost the connection. We tried switching ports on the display computer and then went though to try one display port at a time to see if we could have even one projector working versus both. We were not able to have anything projected, watchout logo or other. We also switched to a different computer for the display computer and tired all of the same variations again and still couldn't get it to work. We've double checked all the settings that is recommended by Watchout for the production computer, and everything was set correctly on the production computer. The last set of error codes is in a link below. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1x7z7t5ws4NlicVP886xbmXiRxjv4YGl3
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