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  1. We've placed the individual tracks into an aux timeline, then used free-run/looping to do the loops. Jumping the timeline I could definitely see causing problems, but using the loop it seems it should work.
  2. We’re trying to loop a seamless audio tracks (there are 16 individual WAV files). We’ve confirmed the tracks are seamless, but there is always a glitch at the end when played back in Watchout. The tracks are running on an auxiliary timeline. We’re on version 6.3.1. Are there any suggestions to make this work better?
  3. Thanks for the info. The production computer only has a single NIC, and we've tested the display computer with the second NIC disabled, but it didn't change the issue. Windows firewall is turned off at the service level, not just disabled, so it's unlikely that's the problem. In the Wireshark traces I do see a multicast packet go out as soon as the secActivate command is sent, but the multicast packed doesn't show up in the traces on the display computer end. I suspect though that this is simply because the display software hasn't joined the multicast group.
  4. We're having an issue where we're getting a secActivate error, which Watchout reports as a network error, but reviewing the communications between the production and display computer in Wireshark indicates that the network messages are being passed with out issues (at least on the basic TCP connection). Does anyone know what the secActivate command does and why it might throw an error? We've gone through all the typical troubleshooting steps, such as simplifying the network, changing between computer name and IP address display specifications and starting a new show files (error happens even on a blank show). Thanks!
  5. I have an installation where Watchout Production works normally, except going offline typically takes about 60 seconds. Just upgraded to 6.2.2. Is there anything that might cause this.
  6. Does anyone know if HAP_Q Alpha is support in Watchout yet? And on a related note it seems ffmpeg doesn't support encoding HAP_Q Alpha either, or am I missing something? Working on a Windows machine, so options are limited.
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