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  1. Hello, Im trying to play one clip of video that is mp4, with codec h264, and on the production pc its working but on display computer it doesn´t work. In addition on the message window it´s showing an error, please find attached Im working with 6.4 version and W7. I can play this clip at display pc manually, but through watchout i can´t. I can try to recodify file to hap codec, but in theory h264 must work, and there are a lot of costumers bring me normally this kind of files. Anybody knows what are the reason and possible solution for this issue. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, I have installation with several Watchpax 20. For shut down them, i send command powerDown and all right. But when i want to power up them i cannot send command powerUp, because devices are switch off, and i cannot conect to them. Any idea for switch on them? thankx.
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