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  1. I can live without windows search, no problem. But is there any option I can try to make drag and drop work again? It is painfull to have to add too many media manually. Thanks!
  2. I just build a new setup using win 10 and applied the guide on a Win 10 LTSB version. It seems to be working fine until now, but some details bothering me. I can't use drag and drop to populate the media bin from a windows folder. I can't use windows search. I believe that somehow some of the tweaks may be the reason why this features are not working. Anyone had this issues as well? Thanks!
  3. Hey jochri! I tried accessing your link above but the page says I font have permission to access the content. How can I log in to see your list? Also, would you prefer a build with 2x Intel SSD 750 Series in Raid 0 mode instead of 2x Samsung 960 PRO Series - 2TB PCIe NVMe - M.2 in Raid 0? Thanks a lot for all the knowledge shared!
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