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  1. We have solved, the send method of the OF library add some char, before really sending the msg. This doesn't create problem with other testing software, so maybe there is no just one way to communicate over TCP/IP. Anyway by using the sendRaw method and adding "\r" at the end of the message, everything works fine. thanks Paolo
  2. Thanks jfk for your reply I'll add the command IDs to force WATCHOUT to respond, so I'll see what happen. The carriage return is placed automatically by the class tcpClient. tcpClient.setMessageDelimiter("\n");
  3. Of course, This is a snippet of the code - it's a c++ application based on openFrameworks if (key.key == '1') { msgTx = "gotoControlCue \"test\""; } else if (key.key == '2') { msgTx = "run"; } tcpClient.send(msgTx); when I press the key 1 Watchout receive gotoControlCue "test" and it really goes to the Control Cue "test" then I press 2 and Watchout doesn't print/do nothing Port is 3040 Ip is - I tried to specify these message delimiters "\n", "\r", "\r\n" if you need I can send the application Thanks Paolo
  4. Hi, we are developing a TCP client application to control Watchout vie ethernet. We are using SocketTest to control that everything is correct. 1. Our TCP client can send only the first message. After that, Watchout doesn't send back anything. 2. SocketTest works perfectly, it sends as many message sa we want. 3. At the same time, if we turn ScoketTest to server, our TCP client sends to it as many message sa we want. We are investigating about message delimiter, it seems that Watchout uses CR in place of LF. We tried CR, LF and EOF, but we still have the same three
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