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  1. Hi Jfk do you know if AMD has fixed this issue. I have had this issue on my watchmax ever since I got it 3 years ago. Very frustrating. I run audio now off my production machine witch also has a AMD card in it. I sometimes also get a click sound on playback on the production machine. If I put a Nvidea card in my production machine will it help??? I’ve tried internal sound cards, usb sound cards and recently tried Dante Vertual sound card. I have tried separate Wav files with the same 4800khz. Nothing fixes the issue. Any advice?
  2. I use a FX4 to get additional outputs out of my Watchmax. Works very well. If you always blending with the x20 then fine but if you ever want to blend without the x20’s I agree with Morgan, it will be complicated and you will regret it. But the FX4 is a quality product.
  3. Hi. I would like the ability to add warping and masking to virtual displays. The same functions you can do on the output displays. That would be a game changer for me.
  4. I should of also mentioned I have tried a number of usb sound cards. The ARX is just my preference. Thansk.
  5. Hi i am trying to install a ARX usb sound card on my watchmax. However it doesn’t recognize it as a audio device. I have tried to install the drivers but the watchmax says the driver unsigned. The only way I can get it to use the driver is to use the advanced boot options during startup by holding F8. This works but obviously isn’t ideal. Modes anyone have a idea for me to get the driver to work permanently? thansk.
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