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  1. I Have found the issue i hadn't noticed in Preferences there is a option to assign the controller a ID all is working fine now Thankyou for your time.
  2. Sorry on the latest version as it’s a fresh server 6.3.2 , In midi-ox I’m seeing note and control commands come up to me it looks like watchout cannot see the midi device is there any way I can tell if it knows it’s there ?
  3. I only used midi-ox to verify the controller was outputting
  4. For anyone having this issue on there production machine the solution was to install some new hap codecs ( i used some from vidvox)
  5. I cant seem to get a Akai LPD8 to talk to watchout i can see the commands coming in using MIDI-OX so i know the controller is sending the correct signal however watchout doesn't seem to see it has anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. I am getting the same error on a new machine did you resolve this issue ? Mine is only when playing Hap files Thanks
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